March 2010 News

March 28

Screen Rant: 10 DVD/Blu-ray Audio Commentaries You Have To Hear --- 5) Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe -- Gladiator -- I should start off by letting you know Gladiator is my favorite film of all time. Regardless of that, the commentary here is profoundly informative and instructive. On the extended DVD release and the Sapphire Series Blu-ray, Ridley Scott explores his creative process while Russell Crowe plays the comedic relief. But instead of just being funny, Crowe does most of the talking. He shares on-set stories and points out mistakes for the public to know. - Thanks, Nora

IMDb Video: Russell Crowe Talks Robin Hood - Thanks, Vera

The Daily Mail: I'm REALLY into heavy metal: The armourer to the stars and royalty opens up his workshop for the first time. English - who became armourer to Queen Elizabeth II in 2000 - creates all his suits in his own workshop and metal forge in Hayle, near St Ives in Cornwall. He continues to supply costumes to major Hollywood productions including the new Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe - Thanks, Steph

The Mail UK: ‘I hope people won’t judge me harshly because I’m married to Russell,’ says singer Danielle Spencer, the lady who tamed Mr Crowe -- "...Yet she insists that she hasn’t ‘tamed’ the sometimes short-fused Russell. ‘He’s a sensitive soul, very romantic. He’s a soulful, loyal person who has deeply entrenched family values. And I know he’s someone I can count on. I don’t think I’ve tamed him, I just think there’s a natural progression when you become a parent and are relaxed and happier. Perhaps, before that, he was going through quite a ride in terms of his celebrity, which can be confronting. So I think you possibly get defensive. He’s moved into a calmer environment that works better for him, but he’s just as passionate about his work – and just as complicated an individual,’ she adds." - Thanks, Steph

March 27

Awards Daily: Cannes 2010: And the Race is On - "A day or so ago the news broke that Robin Hood will open the Cannes Film Fest on May 12. Interestingly, Cannes hasn’t been an Oscar platform. But I’ve formed a notion that I will test as a concept and then maybe formulate into an idea that it is the best platform because there is ample opportunity for the film to fail thereafter. If it fails big no one has to worry about an Oscar campaign. But if it hits big and then doesn’t die in the many months leading up to the Big Game? Good as gold. Such was the case with last year’s opener, Up." - Thanks, Steph

The Telegraph: Letters: Russell Crowe has given Robin Hood the wrong accent

Wikipedia says on its Robin Hood page that the running time for the film will be 148 minutes - Thanks, Mr CroweNews

March 26

From the past: My Cinderella Man pages

The Belfast Telegraph: Strong: Crowe will nail accent - "I Think Barnsley is the actual arena he's attempting"

Another version -- BBC News: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood to open Cannes (May 12) - Thanks, Kris C

Tenderness will be available from Netflix on April 13 - Thanks, roe

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Robin Hood' to open Cannes -- Ridley Scott's film to screen out of competition May 12 - Thanks, Cindy

The Hollywood Reporter: Oscars set for Feb. 27, 2011 -- Ceremony returns to the last Sunday of Feb. -- The ceremony will once again take place at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland and be broadcast by ABC. [And everyone can walked over and see Russell's star]

A new vid by Chattles using the Robin Hood pix from Flickr! - Thanks, Darrin

March 25

Flickr: Tons of new images from Robin Hood - Thanks, null Most Anticipated Summer Movie BlockBusters -- #5: Robin Hood: Oscar® winner Russell Crowe stars as the legendary figure known by generations as “Robin Hood,” whose exploits have endured in popular mythology and ignited the imagination of those who share his spirit of adventure and righteousness.  In 13th century England, Robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power.  And whether thief or hero, one man from humble beginnings will become an eternal symbol of freedom for his people. - Thanks, Allison The International Poster for Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

Daily Telegraph: Russell Crowe is waiting on his own star on Hollywood Boulevard - Thanks, CGee, Cindy

IGN: Robin Hood Movie Preview -- IGN retraces the bumpy path to Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe's latest. - Thanks, Allison

March 24

Showbiz411: Roger Friedman -- First up, I am told there is talk of Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” for opening night (Cannes). The Russell Crowe-Cate Blanchett extravaganza plays like “Gladiator,” sources say, and could be Universal’s key to recovery. - Thanks, Steph

The timing is good, too: Cannes opens on May 12th. “Robin Hood” opens the next day in many countries, and on Friday the 14th in the US.

Twitter: wofstargirl: Working on Russell Crowe star next! (She works for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce) - Thanks, Ismail

Green Cine (A great site): Return to Oz: A History of Australian Cinema (1990-present) - Russell Crowe had a truly galvanizing follow-up to the promise of his performance in Proof, as the monstrous skinhead Hando in Geoffrey Wright's Romper Stomper, a ferocious tale of urban intolerance and violence - Thanks, Kris C

The Australian: Roadshow also plans to release Paul Haggis's The Next Three Days, starring Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson and Elizabeth Banks in November and the remake of Red Dawn, starring Aussies Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas, in December. - Thanks, Allison

Scott Grimes Twitter page -- Robin Hood to open in Cannes - Thanks, Cindy

March 23

This is Nottingham: Robin Hood Exhibition Opens - Thanks, Steph, Cindy

Rum Bunter Fan blog (Pittsburgh): Russell Crowe the Pirate Fan Caption Contest: Win Two Tix to Watch Dodgers Get Crushed Opening Day - Thanks, madchen

Carl Begai Blog: (Mr Lamb, M&C) - Thanks to Cindy and Sec - TONY DOLAN – Life After VENOM: The Russell Crowe Big Screen Jam

Thanks to Cindy and Max CrOwe, a link to the original interview with Tony Dolan

March 22

Toronto Sun: Great Big Sea's McCann singing 'Lullabies' -- "...McCann’s Great Big Sea bandmate Alan Doyle also has a role in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood remake opposite Russell Crowe in the lead role. The film is due for release on May 14. “He went away for four months to act in the film, basically all last summer,” McCann said. “He plays a minstrel so he’s well suited. He’s perfect. He has an accent. He’s got a beard. But our thing was, ‘How do you die? Are you going to be beheaded? Drawn and quartered? An arrow throw the eye?’ And he’s like, ‘There’s only three days left and I’m still alive. So if there’s a sequel, which there usually is with blockbuster films, I get to do it over.’ Cha-ching, right?” " - Thanks, Steph

Dani filming a video in Sydney - with some help from her family - Translation of the German text thanks to TXKittie: "Russell Crowe Supports His Wife's Music Comeback -- The Crowes are a picture perfect Hollywood family.  They help and support each other to realize their dreams.    After spending the last several years focusing on her family, Russell’s wife Danielle Spencer is trying to kick start her stalled music career.   A bit of Hollywood support doesn’t hurt, so Russell directs the music video in Sydney.  He had recently mentioned that he supported his wife’s music endeavors. In 2003, Danielle withdrew from showbusiness to focus on family life.   In the past month,  she has released a new album “Calling All Magicians” under her own label “Danielle Spencer Music”.  For the couple’s children, Charlie and Tennyson,  their mother’s creativity is a lot of fun – they were in (watched?) the video being made in the park."

Thanks to Meli, scans of the May 2010 Empire Magazine story on Robin Hood

Past Films: The Quick and the Dead - lots of interesting info from Wikipedia - Janet Maslin's review in the NY Times


March 21

From Lynda: Alan performed Hit The Ground & Run again last night at the Chicago House of Blues, with a nice intro about Russell too. I thought you might like to see it.

Steve Reddie Reality Miniatures: Final work on Russell Crowe - Thanks, barbiecat

The UK Times: Russell Crowe coached to talk like real Robin 'ood - Thanks, Steph, Allison

March 20

The Daily Telegraph au: No Bunny business as Peter moves on -- BUSINESSMAN Peter Holmes a Court has quit as a board member of the South Sydney Rabbitohs to concentrate on a new venture.

The (Canada): X-Men to Cinderella Man: Hamilton in the movies -- Cinderella Man (2005) Big-time director Ron Howard and big-name star Russell Crowe joined forces and the film eventually grossed more than $100 million worldwide. Crowe portrays real-life boxer James Braddock and Hamilton stood in for the docks of Depression-era New Jersey. Thanks, Kris C

A reminder that the Tenderness DVD will be released on April 13 - Order through Amazon - Tendernessmm

March 19

Sandra Lee at Twitter: Russell Crowe is about to head to USA and Europe for the round robbin press junkets for Robin Hood, his latest epic with Sir Ridley Scott (SANDRA LEE is a journalist and author with almost two decades of experience in the newspaper and magazine publishing industry in Australia and the US. A former assistant editor, foreign correspondent and columnist for The Daily Telegraph, she is currently editor-at-large at marie claire magazine and writes a weekly column for News Limited.)

Another photo for the Generation One Campaign - Thanks, Maryam

The Daily Examiner au: Museum has plenty to Crowe about - Thanks, Maria, Kris C

The SMH: Jobs to be done as Twiggy's scheme gets the big guns on board -- Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe attended the gala last night, where business, political and entertainment bigwigs hobnobbed and saw their palms projected onto the sails of the Opera House in a show of support. - Thanks, Maria, Kris C

Russell and Cate and Premier

The Straights Times: A-listers launch Aboriginal push - Thanks, Kris C

Herald Net: Review of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo -- " You can already imagine the Hollywood remake: Russell Crowe and Keira Knightley? We’ll find out shortly." - Thanks, Kris C

The Green Zone is a No-Go Zone -- "...The screenplay lacked character development as well. Brian Helgeland, the Oscar winning screenwriter of L.A. Confidential is no stranger to creating amazing characters. He also penned the scripts to Clint Eastwood's Mystic River and Tony Scott's Man on Fire. His newest projects include Ridley Scott's upcoming Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and Angelina Jolie's new film Salt. However, this story was a mess." - Thanks, Kris C

(Hard loss) - Rugby League: Souths sunk by Prince field goal - A version also at the SMH - Souths sunk by Prince field goal (Thanks, CGee)

Related: MySpace -- DANIELLE SPENCER’S DEBUT UK HEADLINE SHOW HERALDS REOPENING OF ICONIC CHELSEA VENUE-- Danielle will join the ranks of some of the music world’s elite when she becomes one of the first artists to play at the newly reopened Pheasantry.

Related -- The Australian: The Virtuoso (Richard Tognetti) - Thanks, Allison, Steph

March 18

The The weekend that will be in rugby league (Scroll a bit) - Thanks, Steph Movie prepares Cats for battle - If Kansas State makes a run in the NCAA Tournament, the Wildcats have Russell Crowe to thank.

March 17 - Happy St Patrick's Day!

Outdoor Life: St Paddy's Day Dogs -- By looking at the history of the Irish wolfhound, you can doubtlessly see why they were so important to people. Their sheer size is comforting for those desiring a guard dog. Not surprisingly, the wolfhounds were used in battle by the Romans as they fought alongside their owners. If you watched the 2000 Russell Crowe movie "Gladiator" you'll see a wolfhound in an early battle scene (hat tip to director Ridley Scott for the small but authenticating detail). - Thanks, Allison

For LA fans!!!! -- Russell will get his star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 12 at Hollywood and Highland outside the Kodak Theatre - 11:30 AM.

Robin Hood's dad is played by Mark Lewis-Jones (M&C)

This Is Nottingham UK: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood - a new exhibition -- Universal Films has teamed up with Nottingham to bring an exclusive exhibition of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood to the UK next week. - Thanks, Cindy

The SMH: Forrest corrals tycoons behind training project -- On Friday night at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney a clutch of billionaires, a swathe of chief executives, plus a few Hollywood luminaries such as Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, will get together to project their hands via a colourful laser display on the Opera House to launch GenerationOne - an ambitious project to secure appropriate training and employment for indigenous Australians. - Thanks, Kris C

Reminder: Thanks to a tip from a fan, Russell will accept a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 11.30 am on April 12th. Location is still unknown - The Walk of Fame runs both sides of Hollywood Blvd. from Gower to La Brea, as well as both sides of Vine Street from Yucca to Sunset.

Latino Review: ShoWest - Today at ShoWest Universal did a presentation of their upcoming summer slate. The first footage was from Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe, but it was just the new trailer. - Thanks, Kris C

Queen Mary 2 in Australia and Master Meets Commander! - Thanks, Maria

Facebook: In Production - Info on Robin Hood - Thanks, barbiecat

History related: There is a new TV show call Justified based on one of Elmo Leonard's characters. It premiered last night on FX. There is a page there with a time line of real outlaws and criminals in the USA. I didn't see Ben Wade, but if he were real, he would have been there!

March 16

The final really correct official lyrics to Russell and Alan' song, Hit The Ground and Run

Celebuzz: Russell Crowe smiles in Sydney - Thanks, Maria

March 15

Someone at the common sense movie reviews blog is going to review Russell's films starting on the 16th and up to when Robin Hood opens - Thanks, Paula

This is Nottingham: Robin Hood persuades investors to part with cash -- "...Alison McKay, of Visit Britain, said: "We know 40% of people interested in visiting Britain want to visit locations they have seen in films. With Robin Hood we did research and found Nottingham is the associated site, so we anticipate lots of interest." - Thanks, Allison

March 14

ed note: Big storm here - electricity out from last night to now. Glad to be back on line....

From Lynda: Here's the very first live performance of a song that Alan and Russell wrote together called "Hit The Ground & Run". Alan performed it tonight at the GBS show in Boulder, Colorado, and it's going to be on the upcoming GBS CD, tentatively titled Safe Upon Shore and due out in early summer.

The Daily Telegraph au: Todd Carney leads Sydney Roosters to victory over embarrassing South Sydney in NRL round one - Thanks, all - Another story - A Sunday salute to the greatest game (Russell with NSW Premier) - Thanks, Allison

Get a look at Russell's shoes - neat!


Zimbio Images: NRL Rd 1 - Rabbitohs v Roosters - Thanks, Steph

March 13

The Daily Telegraph au: True Blue stars fire up for Williamson tribute -- Russell Crowe, Kasey Chambers and Shannon Noll are among the list of big names to record songs for Absolute Greatest - 40 Years True Blue, in stores next weekend. Oscar-winner Crowe, with his band The Ordinary Fear of God, has recorded Winter Green. Chambers has covered Cootamundra Wattle. (Thanks, Steph, Allison, and all) - From Alan Doyle's Journal (February 16 entry): "We also recorded a TOFOG entry for a new John Williamson Tribute CD.  For, Australians, John Williamson is like Stomping Tom for Canadians." --- You can order a signed copy of the album HERE - CDNow has the album to buy

Ro's Robin Hood screen caps are at Libris Crowe - Thanks, Jo A

I've added random images that change each day to the main Robin Hood page. Scroll to bottom of page

March 12

Big Pond Video: Watch Live NRL Round 1: International Streaming - One and Two (Both needed)

Master And Commander Script - Dialogue Transcript (not official. There are other Crowe transcripts there) - Thanks, Karolen

March 11

Deadline New York: Is Betting On B.O. Good For Films?

Maryam made some great Maximus posters - HERE

First Showing: Must Watch: Epic Final Full-Length Trailer for Robin Hood! - Thanks, barbiecat

***** Total Film/Latino Review/Yahoo Movies: Universal Pictures have pulled out all the stops with their final two and half minute trailer for Robin Hood. -- Thanks to all

Robin Hood

The New York Times: A Place to Bet Real Money on Movies --- Think that this spring’s “Robin Hood” movie will be a blockbuster at the box office? Next week you will be able to put your money on it. - Thanks, Jeannine [ed note: How do you feel about this? Is the Times shilling for gambling? Using the Business news section to promote gambling on films' BO success?] I will put this post on the Russell Crowe News Blog, so you can comment]

Related (Howard and Grazer) - THR -- Clint Eastwood eyes J. Edgar Hoover project

From Darrin: I've rendered the Access Hollywood segment aired tonight with their "First Look" at the new trailer for Robin Hood (in two formats) for everyone to download (Thanks to Carol for the head's up!).  Also available are Quick Time files of the new trailer in three hi-def sizes!

Ace Show Biz: ... In the meantime, another studio Lionsgate Films has set release date for two of their movies, "Buried" and "The Next Three Days".... Meanwhile, the Russell Crowe-starring thriller which is directed, written and produced by Paul Haggis will be unleashed on November 19 (2010). - Thanks, Allison, Cindy

March 10

Variety: Related (SOP) - Macdonald to direct 'Mystery' - Macdonald, who past credits include "The Last King of Scotland" and "State of Play," is next in theaters with historical drama "The Eagle of the Ninth," which Focus Features releases in the U.S. on Sept. 24. Pic stars Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell and Mark Strong.

From the blog of the writer commissioned to do the companion Robin Hood novel. -- Robin Hood Jacket Art! March 9, 2010 So, as of yesterday the novelization of Robin Hood is in production. The books are being printed and after a long process of editing, revising, and working with the studio to make the book as true to the script and the shoot as possible, and also as effective a stand-alone novel as possible, my work is pretty much done. The novelization will be released on April 27; the movie comes out on May 14. And finally I can share with you the jacket art for the book. No surprise that Russell Crowe is on the cover, but still I think it’s a pretty cool image. I’ll post more about the process when I have some more distance from it, and when I’m not coming down to the wire on my next book. But I did want to thank all of you who have been so supportive as I’ve struggled to meet the various deadlines on this project. It’s been exciting, and it’s been a challenge. I’m glad to be working on my own books again, but I would jump at the chance to write another novelization. I think…. - Thanks, Cindy


From Marie: According to the Tuesday Access Hollywood show, today they will be showing never before seen scenes from Robin Hood.

3News: 2010: The year the Rabbitohs return to glory? - Thanks, Kris C

March 9

Newspix au: Russell Crowe directs a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL team photo at Redfern Oval.

Blog: Pat and Ed's Adventures (The QE2) Daily Grog After Sydney - "...But we do have a nucleus of about 600 who will go all the way back to Southampton, of which 200 or so are Americans who will get off in New York with us. We are friends with quite a few of them.  Pat bought me a kangaroo hat at the Opera house made out of authentic kangaroo skin. Russell Crowe and wife and family came on board for a tour yesterday. He lives right next door to the ship in his billion dollar condo..." - Thanks, Maria

Related: -- GBS -Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with live music - Canadian Celtic rock band Great Big Sea kicks off at 8 p.m. at the Majestic Theatre. The gig coincides with band’s 17th birthday. Despite lots of side projects — Alan Doyle plays the minstrel Allan A’Dayle in the upcoming “Robin Hood” film starring Russell Crowe, and in February Sean McCann released a solo album, “Lullabies for Bloodshot Eyes” — the members of Great Big Sea are finding time to record their ninth album, out this summer. Tickets are $25 to $40 in advance at

Related: Televisionary Blog - Michael Mann - "Nick Nolte is said to be in talks to come aboard HBO's horseracing drama pilot Luck from executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann. Project, which will begin shooting in a few weeks, stars Dustin Hoffman, John Ortiz, and Dennis Farina. Nolte would play one of the country's top racehorse trainers. Meanwhile, Kevin Dunn (Transformers), Kerry Condon (Rome), and Tom Payne (Waterloo Road) have also been cast in the pilot, which will be directed by Mann. (Variety, Hollywood Reporter)"

From barbiecat: "Coming Soon, a website that caters mostly to younger film fans has a poll about which summer films people are eager to see. Robin Hood is not doing well in the poll, which mostly attracts sci-fi fans... The poll is down on the right side of the opening page.

Comedy Central UK: American: The Bill Hicks Story - Rumour also has it Russell Crowe is planning his own biopic of the late (dare-we-say-it) genius – whether that materialises is another thing. - Thanks, Kris C

The Daily Telegraph au: Party for mum was Nicole's pick - Thanks, Kris C

March 8

The Southern Courier: Ask Rusty - your chance to talk to Russell Crowe - Thanks, Steph

The Herald Sun: Award for loyalty goes to Russell Crowe - Thanks, Steph

at TRC -- Ah Memories! - The Red Carpet pictures - March 25, the 73rd Academy Awards (Wait till next year...)

Several of Russell's co-stars looked beautiful at the Oscars 2010 - Mirren, McAdams, Banks.....

March 7

The Washington Post: For E!'s veteran hostess, the occasional trainwreck is no setback -- "...Every once in a while, an actor may not be so willing. Rancic remembers a particularly uncomfortable interview with Russell Crowe several years ago, when he seemed impatient with the E! glamourista's line of questioning. ("Surely I'm going to ask you some ridiculous questions when I'm holding a bedazzled mike," she cracks.) And now that Oscar night has arrived once again, she's hoping for more occasional awkwardness, mishaps and maybe even some Clooney-baiting screams. The woman who says "no shame is my middle name" can't help herself: "I love trainwrecks on live TV." - Thanks, CGee

The SMH: The Bunnies in the money: Souths posted a profit in '09 - Thanks, Steph

The Guardian: Related - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's tyranny 'is crushing Iran's artists' - Thanks, Kris C, Allison

March 6

Related: ShowBiz411: Joaquin Phoenix Says He’ll Come Back to Movies

Related: (Ron Howard) - NY Times: Fake Former Presidents Use Comedy for a Cause

March 5

Ismail at the Mr Crowe News at Twitter has started a birthday project for Russell's 46th birthday on April 7. Go There for ideas on how to do it, or you could send him your video as an attachment wishing a happy birthday to Russell at this address ( You can also send a message at The Murphsplace Forum

The Daily Beast: Oscar Speech do's and don'ts - Thanks, barbiecat

Telegraph UK: Oscars 2010: Christopher Plummer interview --- While his peers drank themselves to death, Christopher Plummer became one of film's last living legends. Has the 80-year-old Oscar virgin's time finally come with The Last Station. - He enthused about Russell Crowe, with whom he made The Insider and A Beautiful Mind: ‘I love his anger, because it reminds me of my own when I was young.’ -- Thanks, Steph

Related -- Metro Co UK: 60 Second interview with Paul Bettany -- You met (Jennifer Connelly) on the set of A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. -- Yes, but I wasn’t acting with her. In that movie I am a figment of Russell Crowe’s imagination so she was having to ignore me, which is sadly how our relationship has continued. --- How has life changed since you got married? -- I have two children. I feel saved. You know, it’s an actual fact that married men live longer than single men. Awesome! --- Is Russell the hothead we keep hearing about? -- I was with him when he was reported to have been in a bar fight. We were just having a very quiet dinner. Having made two movies with him, I never saw anything happen. - Thanks, Steph

March 4

At Flickr: Nice pastel pencil drawing of Russell - Thanks, Steph

The NY Times: For Movie Stars, the Big Money Is Now Deferred -- "...When the estimated salaries of all 10 of the top acting nominees are combined, the total is only a little larger than the $20 million that went to Julia Roberts for her appearance in “Erin Brockovich,” a best-picture nominee in 2001, or to Russell Crowe for “Master and Commander,” nominated in 2004." - Thanks, Kris C

Lewis Grossberger blog: Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood problem and my Robin Hood problem -- "...Frankly, I’m worried that Ridley Scott may cave in to the pressure and merely have Robin Hood battling oppression. Hell, anyone can battle oppression. Jimmy Stewart did it constantly and he wasn’t even an action star. But redistribution of wealth? That takes a real man. I’m sure Russell Crowe is up to the job but the truth is he can’t accomplish economic justice unless his director, producer and screenwriter let him. Will Robin Hood be allowed to follow his traditional liberal inclinations? Will the miserable medieval masses ever get some kind of health-care reform, with or without a public option? I nervously await the reviews." - Thanks, Steph

March 3

The Daily Telegraph: South Sydney captain Roy Asotasi says team wants to win NRL premiership for Russell Crowe

Thanks to a tip from a fan, Russell will accept a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 11.30 am on April 12th. Location is still unknown - The Walk of Fame runs both sides of Hollywood Blvd. from Gower to La Brea, as well as both sides of Vine Street from Yucca to Sunset.

TRC March Calendar is now on line (Some links still to come, so check back)

The Herald Sun: South Sydney captain Roy Asotasi says team wants to win NRL premiership for Russell Crowe -- Asotasi has told The Daily Telegraph Crowe expected and demanded success this season - and the Rabbitohs were determined to give their owner a prize to equal his treasured Oscar. - Thanks, Steph

Related (Ridley): YouTube - Behind The Pillars of the Earth - Thanks, barbiecat

Deadline Hollywood - related - Woody Allen Hires Cotillard For Lead Role

March 2 Russell Crowe: Filming Robin Hood was scary - Thanks, Kris C

Scott-related: Starz and Tandem Communications Set to Unveil Eight-Hour Event Series, Based on Ken Follett's Global Bestseller, 'The Pillars of the Earth' -- Starz Entertainment has acquired U.S. television rights to TANDEM Communications' ground-breaking eight-hour television adaptation of Ken Follett's bestselling novel "The Pillars of the Earth."Starz will air the series, produced by Tandem Communications, MUSE Entertainment and Ridley and Tony Scott's SCOTT FREE Films, as a summer event. - Thanks, Kris C, Steph

BBC Wales: St David's Day: As St David's Day is marked we take a look at some of the lesser known 'Welsh' celebrities, politicians and business people who should be wearing their daffodils with pride. (Scroll) - Thanks, Kris C

The Huffington Post: The 11 best male movie adaptations - Thanks, barbiecat

March 1

The Chronicle: Purdue university: (AG and Gladiator) - Top 10 macho films of the decade - Thanks, Allison Oscars 10 Week 3 - No guts, no glory -- "...It was nearly eight years ago when the nominations were released for the 2002 Academy Awards and at first glance, nothing too surprising.  My process would be to go through the list, and without much thought, select the winners. This would be my initial gut feeling and one that would typically be favorable when the Oscars were handed out, but that year was different. Something bigger was happening, testing my principles because no other excuse can validate why Russell Crowe walked away empty-handed for Best Actor.  Crowe gave “THE performance” of his life in A BEAUTIFUL MIND, a film that frankly would have never won Best Picture without him. Director Ron Howard was outstanding behind the camera and Jennifer Connelly only added to the greatness of Crowe, but it was still Crowe’s relentless pursuit at perfection that made this film what it was. - Thanks, Allison

Cinematical: 'Remember Me' Scribe Talks 'A Star is Born' -- ...He inadvertently confirmed that Nick Cassavetes is doing the Star remake, although the rumors about Beyoncé and Russell Crowe are still just that. Fetters said, "I am doing A Star is Born remake with Nick Cassavete, also for Warner Brothers... I was with Nick on Thursday. As far as I know, there's no contracts or anything, but Nick wants [Beyoncé] and I think Russell Crowe is another name that's starting to circle, but there's no contracts, there's just talks so far." - Thanks, Cindy, Steph

Rugby The Rabbitohs confirmed today that the 10,000th Ticketed Member of the South Sydney Football Club to sign up for 2010 is Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Keith Rhoades. - Thanks, Steph

Cinemax: State Of Play will be shown in April - Thanks, Kris C