May 2008 News

May 31

A treat - Kathys' collage of Russell, his films, his family (all the drawing is hers except fo the image in the middle)

The Guardian: Ridley's believe it or not -- Do aliens exist? Is human evolution an impossibility? Is Russell Crowe really that good? The elder Scott brother ponders the improbable ... - Thanks, Cindy

From Ali and Darrin: The Rabbitohs are going through a rough time right now. As international fans/members who are frustrated by being unable to attend games to show support to the team and the club as a whole, we've started a petition of support.  I hope that you might be able to help spread the word about this petition and encourage anyone who might be interested to sign it.

May 30

League HQ: Brand new Bunnies - Thanks, Maria

May 29

Variety: Nottingham related -- SAG RESUMES TALKS AFTER AFTRA DEAL -- Negotiations may go past deadline into July

USA Today - Kevin Durand -- For Durand, playing the 'Lost' psychopath can be a blast" -- Growing up playing ice hockey helped him land a role in the 1999 comedy Mystery, Alaska, alongside Russell Crowe, who became his mentor — and bandmate. Durand sang backup and even resurrected his rap skills on Gaslight, the debut album by Crowe's band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. (Fans curious about his rhyming skills can check out the track Nowhere.)Their paths crossed again last year in the Western 3:10 to Yuma — this time with bloodshed. "Russell thought it was funny because he got to kill me," he jokes." - Thanks, Allison

May 28

No news today

May 27 Rabbitohs and Souths Cares Provide Answers on Souths Cares Funding - Thanks, Oz Fan

Gayle- Lynne's review of Tenderness - Some spoilers

May 26

The Australian: Crowe-Holmes a Court double act comes to an end at Souths -- Always the showman, Crowe yesterday pinched a well-used line from author Mark Twain over reports the Rabbitohs were a financial basket case. "The reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated," Crowe said. "Today, the board applauded Peter's achievements in lifting the South Sydney club and collectively we thanked him for his gargantuan effort over the past two years. "Right now, it's my belief that what South Sydney needs is the continuity, knowledge and experience that both Nick Pappas and Shane Richardson bring. "Both men come from within the Souths family and both men understand intimately how to take advantage of the progress the club has made."

Rabbitohs Club News: Shane Richardson appointed as Rabbitohs CEO, Nicholas Pappas as Chairman and John Lang as a Football Consultant - Thanks, Oz Fan

The Shields Gazette: Sir Ridley Scott's message to cinema -- SOUTH Shields-born film director Sir Ridley Scott has sent a message of congratulations to Newcastle's newly reopened Tyneside Cinema. - Thanks, Littleboot

The Minneapolis Star Tribune: David Wheaton: Bow down to Rafa, king of clay (Article on tennis star Nadal, with Gladiator mentions) - Thanks, all

From Rai: "We are watching "Globe Trekker" repeat on PBS and they just showed Russell with wife & one kid from a while ago - the Venice Film Festival when Heath Ledger's "Casanova" was being shown. It was just a brief view of them in a boat (duh - Venice) and the presenter (Justine Shapiro) made a crack that he wasn't dressed up for the movie premiere."

Sailing to Byzantium Blog: One man's snarky opinion of Russell - Thanks, Layne [Ed Note: The man has never met Russell. If he had he would know that Russell is never "flat." He grins, tell jokes, has tons of information stored in his head, and makes you feel, when he talks with you, that you are the only person in the room]

May 25

I've posted some thoughts at the Crowe News Blog on State of Play (The BBC Version), with questions on how different or similar the film version will be. Feel free to add your comments.

From Del: "This morning Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson held an open chat session on line with fans to answer questions related to the upcoming Hobbit movies I & II. Although they (PJ & GdT) did not mention any actors to play the part of Beorn, – the premier Lord of The Rings and Hobbit fan site, has just put up a poll for who fans would like to see play Beorn in the Hobbit movie and Russell is one of the 3 in the poll. I have been gunning for Russell for this part since prior to 2006 if the movies were going to be made, and now they are – yet no casting decisions have been made public except for Ian McKellen as Gandalf, and Andy Serkis as Gollum."

From Allison: Russell mentions on TV: "First, he was a question on Jeopardy under the category of Actor's Resume (LAC, Yuma, AG). Second, he was part of a conversation on General Hospital between smart lawyer Diane and fashion editor Kate; Diane was using a naval allegory to help Kate: Kate:  Have you been staying up late watching Master and Commander? Diane: Since my association with Max, I have infinitely better things to do with my evenings than watch Russell Crowe movies."

May 24

The Herald Sun: South owners not talking -- SOUTH Sydney plunged further into turmoil last night with their ninth loss of the year against Melbourne and revelations high-profile owners Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court are no longer on speaking terms. - Thanks, Steph [Ed note: Let us hope the rifts heal, and that Souths win next week.] Storm 15 defeated Rabbitohs 10 - The Melbourne Storm has defeated the South Sydney Rabbitohs 15 points to 10 at Bluetongue Stadium, the Rabbitohs putting in a valiant effort to come within five points of the reigning premiers. - Thanks, CGee

icWales: Reserve Bodyguard ready for duty (Rugby, Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris and Russell) - Thanks, Anne S

May 23

The SMH: Allco head chasing $50m for Coolong -- COOLONG, the Vaucluse harbourfront home of the Allco founder David Coe, has been quietly offered for sale with $50 million expectations. The actor Russell Crowe has been among the prospective buyers to have been repeatedly shown around the house.

The Daily Telegraph: Holmes a Court opts for early exit -- "PETER Holmes a Court will retire as Rabbitohs executive chairman next week. The millionaire businessman last week said he would stand down "towards the end of the season", but his exit has been fast-tracked due to recent upheavals on Souths' board. Rabbitohs co-owner Russell Crowe will officially appoint his business partner's replacement next week - with celebrity accountant Anthony Bell tipped to take up the role...." - Thanks, Steph

Daily Mail - Baz Bamigboye in Cannes - "...The pair were both in Matthew Vaughn's film Stardust, but didn't share any scenes. The actress is also in early talks about appearing in Wuthering Heights, and there are rumours that she's on a list of possibles to play Maid Marion in Ridley Scott's film Nottingham, which stars Russell Crowe as the Sheriff of Nottingham." - Thanks, Allison, Steph

May 22

Pop Matters - In Depth AG Review - "...Russell Crowe offers a memorable performance as Richie Roberts, a scrappy New Jersey cop who endeavors to dismantle Frank’s heroin empire.  The cop side of the movie is as familiar as its gangster tale, with Crowe’s flawed Richie Roberts recalling Al Pacino as Lieutenant Vincent Hanna in Heat as well as Al Pacino’s dirty cop hunter in Serpico. Both characters, Richie and Vincent, chase shrewd, calculating criminals.  Both are absorbed by their jobs. Both should probably rethink whether the institution of marriage is really for them." - Thanks, Layne

The Daily Telegraph: Peter Holmes a Court: Souths' survival at risk -- EVERY Souths fan's worst nightmare was realised last night when Rabbitohs boss Peter Holmes a Court warned; "I can't guarantee that we will survive". -- RUSTY'S reign at Redfern will step up next year with the movie star to appoint the executive chairman to replace Holmes a Court. But already he is rallying to save South's year. Since returning to Australia almost three weeks ago he has been at the ailing Rabbitohs' side. It started on the Friday after the Cowboys game, with Crowe driving from his Wolloomoolloo home to the Blue Mountains to address the players. According to club insiders, he got every player to open up about their personal ambitions - both on and off the field. "And he was also really open about his life," the insider said. "It was a good session. Very honest." - Thanks, Steph

Ad Grabber:"Animation studio th1ng created this ad for NBCU's PictureBox, a subscription film service. Tagline: "Movies full of emotion. Enjoy the ride." I missed the whole "emotion" vibe, but come to think of it, I did see Russell Crowe looking ragey"

May 21

Live Holmes a Court to walk away from Souths by season's end: Hadley

Hollywood Reporter: As Cannes closes, eyes turn to Venice -- With activity on the croisette drawing to a close, eyes are already turning toward Venice, where Saul Dibb's historical drama "The Dutchess" and Ridley Scott's "Body of Lies" are expected to be among the big-name U.S. films screening out-of-competition on the Lido. -More than three months before the Coen Brothers' "Burn After Reading" will open the festival, few contracts have been signed. But with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich, and Tilda Swinton likely to appear on Venice's well-worn red carpet in conjunction with "Burn," Venice's veteran paparazzi corps can look for them to be joined by Kiera Knightley and Ralph Fiennes from "The Dutchess" and "Body of Lies" stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. - Thanks, Steph

Related: The Guardian: Halcyon days ahead as Bale signs for Terminator trilogy

May 20

J.D's Top Ten Red Scare Movies (ABM) - "Nash: I’ve gotten used to ignoring them and I think, as a result, they’ve kind of given up on me. I think that’s what it’s like with all our dreams and our nightmares, Martin, we’ve got to keep feeding them for them to stay alive." - Thanks, Layne

Fox Sports au: Crowe and Holmes a Court not so rosy - More from The Courier Mail: "I spoke to Russell and we traded text messages until very late last night. These are very challenging times and we have to find a way through. I'm glad he's back and he is giving the side a lot of energy and focus. That is great for team morale.'' The Daily Telegraph yesterday emailed Crowe about the situation but he did not reply. The Rabbitohs are outright last on the NRL competition table, having won just one game this season. - Thanks, Maria, Oz Fan

The NY Times Books - related: When He Tried to Vanish, His Sister Wouldn’t Let Him - (By Marie Brenner, the author of the Vanity Fair article The Man Who Knew Too Much,” which became the basis for the 1999 movie “The Insider”)

May 19

The LA Times: Film -- (Today) L.A. Confidential (1997) Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey and Kim Basinger star in Curtis Hanson's adaptation of James Ellroy's novel set in 1950s Los Angeles. Nominated for nine Oscars, including best picture, it won for best supporting actress (Basinger) and screenplay. Post-film discussion panelists will include Ellroy. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills. 7 p.m. $3 to $5. (310) 247-3600. - Thanks, Allison

Variety Related: Pirate pic sets sail at DreamWorks -- DreamWorks is bringing a project on the life of legendary pirate Blackbeard to the bigscreen. David Franzoni, who wrote "Amistad" and "Gladiator" for the studio, will pen "Blackbeard," which delves into the life of British buccaneer Edward Teach. - Thanks, Cindy

The SMH: Russ's new role may be delayed -- Depending on the success of negotiations on the strike - which would include a range of big-name Hollywood stars - Crowe is expecting to return overseas with his wife Danielle Spencer and boys Charlie and Tennyson in the second half of the year. If a strike does occur those plans may be delayed, giving the family more time in Australia. - Thanks, Allison, Steph

Oregan Live: Ian Frazier's biting wit chews through society's wacko side -- "...If the rest of the collection, 32 more essays, doesn't quite rise to the level of instant-classic, off-kilter genius, many come close. "Unbowed" is an inspired piece in which Frazier mocks the tabloid tradition of sensationalizing every utterance and move of our modern royalty: the movie star. Frazier opens with two real quotes from the daily trials and tribulations of Russell Crowe. From these he creates a ridiculous interview in which Crowe defends his respect and fear of bovines, elevating a small pastoral confrontation to the level of 9/11 and the war on terror. -- "Sure, I could sit up on the porch all day, which is screened in and has a door that they don't know how to open, the bastards," Crowe said. "And yes, I'll admit that they got my attention with the noise they make, and the way they look at you, and all that slobbering. Most blokes would take one look and retreat to the equipment shed or climb on top of the pickup. But I couldn't live with myself if I did that." - Thanks, Allison (More Funny Frazier from The New Yorker -- My Wife Liz, and

Rugby League Live: Raiders explosive start kills off hapless bunnies (Oh No!) - Thanks, CGee

May 16 - 18

The Herald Sun: Holmes a Court to quit Souths -- JUST a few months after appointing himself executive chairman of the Rabbitohs, embattled South Sydney co-owner Peter Holmes a Court has revealed he will quit before the end of the season. But he denies he's being forced out by an element of disgruntled fans and officials at the club.

The Washington Post Express: Going Gladiator -- MANOLO SAYS, like most peoples, when the Manolo hears the word "gladiator," he thinks immediately of the paradoxically thuggish, yet sensitive, Australian he-man Russell Crowe, all shouting and broody, as he hacks his manly-man way across the movie screen, clad only in the mini-skirt, shiny breastplate and fancy leather mandals.

IGN: M&C Blu-Ray Review: "The captain/doctor friendship led FilmForce's Glen Oliver to declare it "the best Star Trek movie made in years," which I have to agree, except William Shatner wishes he was as good as Russell Crowe .... It lends itself to astounding filmmaking, which led to the film's Oscar for cinematography. It's beautifully shot and on actual water, thanks to a full size mock up, a real sailing ship and the decision not to use CG ocean but the real thing. Crowe and company went through hell to get this film done but you can't argue with the end result. Another realistic element is the fact that they had a whole range of ages on this ship, from pre-teens to elderly men, in a variety of roles. It may seem odd to see twelve-year-olds serving on board, but that's what they did back then."

May 15

bibliosity blog - Feel free to read: Russell Crowe speaks - (Not sure about the correct source of some of these) - Thanks, madchen

Running/Jogging Blog: Three Days Until 2008 Sydney Marathon"...One little point of interest during the run. While we were running up Macquarie St we ran past none other than Russell Crowe who was casually walking down the street talking to a friend. He was wearing sunglasses and a cap (but then again, so was I) but other than the bloke he was chatting too, he was absolutely alone. That probably sums up both Russell Crowe and the city of Sydney. It's nice to see that a guy with a profile as high as Crowe's can still quietly go about his business without having to worry about being recognised and taking all sorts of measures to ensure that he's not." - Thanks, Maria

Rose has transcribed the whole Russell interview in Sony Magazine. Has more info than the one available on line. Thanks, Rose!

IONCinema: Info on Tenderness. Ion thinks it should be on the market - Cannes Market Musts: John Polson's Tenderness - Thanks, Layne

NOTE: We have one day to wish Dani a Happy Birthday! You may do so in the comments section for this post at the Crowe News Blog. Thanks. Woods has merited popular and critical acclaim for her power-packed Gotee debut Introducing Ayiesha Woods.  The album garnered Woods a GRAMMY nomination for “Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album”, as well as nabbing an additional nod in the Dove Awards “New Artist Of The Year” category. CCM Magazine followed Woods’ career as one of three emerging musical talents for 2006 in their “Band Wagon” column, and’s URGE service ( picked Introducing Ayiesha Woods in their 2006 TOP 10 year-end list for Inspirational music.  Her hit single “Happy” was also used an ad campaign for the DVD release of the Russell Crowe film, A Good Year.  Musically inclined since childhood, Woods has seen her share of accolades including a 2004 “Producer of the Year” award from the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards, and a Marlin Awards’ “New Artist of the Year” and “Contemporary Vocal Performance of the Year (Female).” - Thanks, Allison

May 14

At Hello Magazine, vote for the most dashing dad! - Thanks, Layne

Travel Blackboard au: Live and explore the South of France - The Russell Crowe film ‘A Good Year’ featured a number of properties typical of the region for sale. Quaint homes, villas, country houses, apartments, vineyards and chateaux are the many types of properties that are available. The opportunity for Australians to purchase with 100% finance (subject to bank approval) their own piece of the sun-belt in southern France and retreat to their own residence is easier than you think. Principals, Stuart and Lidia Darlow from Pierres au Soleil, a real estate agency from the Languedoc- Roussillon region, will bring to Australian shores this winter a property showcase, providing information to Australians on how they can buy a piece of the lifestyle. Guest speakers will feature during the showcase discussing their experiences in owning property and the lifestyle in the south. Financial commentators will also discuss the tax implications and legalities involved. -- Thanks, Allison

Related - Playbill - Tony Nominations - Mary McCormack (Mystery Alaska) for Boeing Boeing - reaction -- "Mary McCormack (Best Performance By a Featured Actress in a Play, Boeing-Boeing): "I had my blackberry next to my bed, and it started buzzing, and the very first text message was from Joe Mantello, saying congrats. Then after that it just started coming. It's crazy. People I haven't heard from in a while. I'm totally surprised. To get six nominations for the show is great. Sometimes I'm on stage with Mark Rylance and I have to snap out of it, because I think, 'What am I doing here?' He's one of the greatest living actors. I'm having the time of my life. This is like icing. I watch the show from the wings still. Every single night, there are 50 things that are new."

Book Related (BOL): Bruckheimer, Disney buy 'Increment' -- Duo nab rights to Ignatius' thriller -- " Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, wrote "Body of Lies," the 2007 novel that was adapted by William Monahan into a Ridley Scott-directed thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Scott Free produced. Warner Bros. releases the film this fall.

May 13

Fishbowl DC: Matthews on Hollywood Stars:On "Morning Joe" this morning, Chris Matthews weighed in on Hollywood and celebrity: MATTHEWS: Do you think it's possible that the buildup of a certain Hollywood celebrity could be completely foisted on the country and nobody, if you get them alone, really likes the person, they're just taught to like them. -- WILLIE GEIST: Are you talking about Sarah Jessica Parker? -- MATTHEWS: Yeah. ... Why are they movie stars? .... When I see certain movie stars, I get it right away. Gwyneth Paltrow ... Julie Christopher ... But is Brad Pitt really a movie star? ...I can see Russell Crowe, I get it ... Naomi Watts, I get ... Angelina Jolie, I don't get her ... Jennifer Aniston, I get her. ... Grace Kelly I get ...--BUCHANAN: A long time ago, Chris! -- MATTHEWS: But those movies are still available! - Thanks, Cindy The Beautiful Left (2007 Phoenix Chill) "the beautiful left" is a collaboration by writer/producers Vince Pizzinga & Robert Conley. In the tradition of atmospheric, ambient-electronica, their sound is a coming together of many of the influences that shaped their musical tastes, featuring guest artists Danielle Spencer, Rudolf Martin, Ricky Fante and Tahyna Tozzi. - Thanks, Oz Fan

The Palmer article with images - Thanks to Rose

Palmer PicSony Magazine: (Partial Interview - Scan and full article coming in a day or two, but check the additional parts in the links on the right side) - Richard Harris on Russell: “You’re a good night in one man, Crowe. I think I’m going to like you” -- That’s what the late, great Richard Harris said when he first met Russell Crowe. So what’s Crowe really like? Best ask someone who’s been his friend for 18 years. In this Sony Magazine exclusive, Editor-at-Large Martyn Palmer gives his personal insights into the fiercely private Oscar-winner -- "What’s he like? Well, he’s loyal, charming and he’s engaging and at times abrasive bordering on the rude. He’s also ludicrously generous and always has been. Long before the big paydays he would be sending presents from afar for my kids and he still does. He has also donated vast sums to charity and made sure that it never makes the papers. But most of all, he’s funny, a laugh, great crack." - Thanks, Rose (If you want to comment on the article, I have it up on the Crowe News Blog)

May 12 Maximus Overdrive: 15 Great Movie/TV Gladiators - Thanks, Allison

LA Times: Some movies are entitled to do well -- "...One of the most notorious examples of a missed opportunity because of an ill-chosen title was "The Shawshank Redemption," the 1994 prison drama starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. The film was lauded by critics but landed with a thud at the box office. More recently, the Russell Crowe boxing saga "Cinderella Man" and the futuristic thriller "Children of Men" also failed to capitalize on strong reviews, in part because of titles widely seen as turn-offs." - Thanks, Steph

May 11

DVDTalk: Review of Blu-Ray M&C (Recommended for soundtrack and for the film itself) - "The sequences with the Acheron are masterfully staged. One of the most effective decisions Weir makes is to keep the French frigate elusive...almost an abstract concept...a primal force of nature...rather than just a massive warship of oak and metal. The Acheron in some ways even reminded me of the shark in Jaws. There are few lingering glimpses of the ship, and in the opening salvo, it's blanketed in fog. There are no scenes inside the Acheron to humanize its captain and crew, short of what we see from Aubrey's perspective. The fact that the Acheron remains such an unknown quantity -- that so little about the ship is known other than its speed, firepower, and near-invulnerability -- makes it exceptionally menacing. Because the Surprise can't rely on speed or strength to crush her enemy, Aubrey and company instead have to be cunning, divising several remarkably clever ways to turn the tables that leave Master and Commander feeling much greater than just another usual David and Goliath tale." - Thanks, Allison

Tampa Bay online: Dundee still the sweetest - Thanks, Allison

The Daily Telegraph: Sydney Confidential By HOLLY BYRNES & SARAH GRANT -- "Crowes' late spree a fun run - IT was meant to be a secret mission to buy Mother's Day gifts, but there was no hiding the smiles on the faces of dad Russell Crowe and his boy, Charlie, over their weekend adventure. The Gladiator star and his mini-me son returned to their luxury Woolloomooloo pad after a dash around the CBD on Saturday, to buy up big for Crowe's wife, Danielle Spencer. First stop was a browse around Levendi's Jewellers for bling, before the pair bagged some books at Dymocks and choccies at Darrell Lea. The sweet treats would have been a surprise for Spencer -- just not the rest of us thanks to the paparazzi pack who jogged alongside the shopping spree. Surprisingly, Crowe (who rarely cracks a smile for the pesky cameras) was kept in good humour by a cheeky and toothless Charlie. Too cute." - Thanks, Maria

From Chats: There's a very long Q&A in today's NY Post with Derek Jeter of the Yankees. I won't bore you with the whole interview, but thought everyone here would like this... Q: Best movie you've seen in the last year? -- A: "American Gangster."

Happy Mother's Day to Dani and to all mothers and grandmothers! - Here is a movie related fond look at a mother from Cinematical - The Exhibitionist: Mother's Day

May 10

Just Jared: "Russell Crowe picks up some candy just in time for Mother’s Day on Saturday morning in Sydney, Australia. The 44-year-old actor brought along his oldest son Charlie, 4 1/2. The pair shopped for a Mother’s Day gift for mama Danielle Spencer. (Russell and Danielle also have a second son, Tennyson, 22 months.) Russell and Charlie settled on a book from Dymocks Book Store and chocolates from Darell Lee. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, DANIELLE! (USA)" Greetings from the fans HERE

May 9

Portrait of Heath Ledger wins Australian art award - Thanks, Roe

From the NY Times archive, their review of Gladiator by Elvis Mitchell: FILM REVIEW; That Cruel Colosseum - and their article on its winning the Academy Award: Oscar Spreads the Wealth, but 'Gladiator' Takes Top Prize; Julia Roberts Is Named Best Actress, And Russell Crowe Is Chosen Best Actor

Some older pictures from my files

May 8

From Russell: " We have seen every dawn this week as CSC is waking very early. Given that each has been more gloriously golden than the previous , it has been wonderful. This morning the city buildings are shining ,the harbour water still and compelling and the cockatoos loud and boisterous. Every night here in Woolloomooloo we watch the fruit bats from the botanical gardens take to the dusk sky in search of food , and every morning in the last breath of darkness we see them scurrying home, as fast as laden stomachs will allow them to beat the sun."

A June calendar to print out

You can wish Dani a Happy Mother's Day USA at the Crowe News Blog - comments section of this post.

American Gangster on DVD in Australia - Thanks, Allison 50 movie stars who have delved into music - Thanks, Allison

Related: Cinematical - Josh Brolin as George W Bush in Oliver Stone's new film

From CGee: I bought a copy of Revolution magazine because it had a huge special edition on the Tenth Anniversary of Panerai. As I turned a page, there was a very nice pic of Russell at the Lakers game wearing one of my favorite Pannys he owns - The PAM 65 Radiomir in Platinum. The face is a beautiful blue and it has an elegant Frederic Piguet movement. The text says: “Panerais are seen pervasively on the wrist of celebrities as varied as Russell Crowe (who is said to wear his platinum Radiomir while working on his ranch) Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, Dwayne Johnson, Ralph Lauren, the entire defensive line of the Green Bay Packers, as well as women like Elizabeth Hurley and Jemima Khan. “ (See Image)

The Sun UK: Win a Trip to New York -- FANCY spending the weekend in New York? -- We’ve teamed up with Sky Box Office and Universal to give one lucky reader the chance to win a trip to New York, the city that never sleeps and the back drop to the epic film American Gangster now showing on Sky box office. - Thanks, Penny

Female First UK: Heroes and Villains: 7 -- At number seven on our chart we look at a Roman hero in Maximus Decimus Meridius and a literary character brought to the screen, most famously, in 1939's The Wizard of Oz - The Wicked Witch of the West. - Thanks, Penny

May 7

From Spinner Howard of the Axemen: "Rumor has it that a part of the American Chopper Show that will air on TLC this Thursday night (May 8) will feature some footage of the Russell Crowe Chopper Presentation that happened during the Australia Day Challenge Rugby League game at UNF. Show airs at 9pm and 11pm according to the TLC website."

US Weekly - Charlie and Russell in the 5-12 issue - Thanks Ellen

People: GRIN AND GO - Flashing a friendly grin, a super-casual Russell Crowe enjoys a leisurely walk through Woolloomooloo, a suburb near Sydney, Australia on Tuesday. - Thanks, Allison

Variety: Nottingham related: SAG-AMPTP talks end without deal -- SAG has run out of time to make a new feature-primetime deal with the majors and has been pushed aside in favor of AFTRA -- probably until late May. The failure of SAG and the companies to make a deal after 18 days of talks will ignite fears that SAG will strike when its deal expires June 30. SAG president Alan Rosenberg told Daily Variety that SAG will now "take the temperature of the membership" and may seek a strike authorization from members as early as next week but he also portrayed the guild leadership as wanting to avoid a work stoppage. "Our negotiating team is prepared to work around the clock for as long as it takes to get a fair deal," he said. "We want to keep the town working."

American Gangster Got 2 Noms at MTV Movie Awards 2008 - Noms for AG were Best Actor and Best Villain, both for Denzel Washington. Fans can vote until May 23 at: - Thanks, Ivani

May 6

Variety: Related (CM) -- Paddy Considine dons director's hat - First up for Considine, however, is a reunion with Meadows ("This Is England," "Dead Man's Shoes") on boxing biopic "The King of the Gypsies," the real-life tale of Bartley Gorman, the undefeated world champion bare-knuckle fighter who hailed from Considine and Meadows' native Midlands. Considine and Meadows are co-writing the script, with the thesp also set to take the lead role. Lensing on that project is set to begin before the end of the year.

The Deccan Herald: (Related - Martin Crowe) - This is my ideal IPL team -- "...Well, IPL has seen more than just cultures coming together, it is a marriage of entertainment and sport. Cricket has seen the involvement of actors and vice versa. Does the Kiwi plan to do movies as well? “Movies are my cousin Russell Crowe’s forte.  I’m happier spending my free time with my folks on the beach and playing golf. However, I will be seen in a movie called ‘Victory’.’’

Blu-Ray review of Master and Commander - Thanks, Allison

The Indian Wine Academy: Maison Pierre de Maison Sula -- (Hugh) Ryman's experience making wine in Provence was the inspiration for the latest wine film, 'A Good Year', based on Peter Mayle's novel of the same name, released in October, 2006. The film, starring Russell Crowe, tells the story of a young city banker who moves from England to Provence, where his uncle has willed him a winery. He ends up upgrading the winery, making plonk into a successful wine business - Thanks, Allison

May 5

YouTube: Cute video of the winning Souths game - Russell chewing gum - Thanks, Cindy

The Daily Telegraph: Russell Crowe text has Jason Taylor breathing easy -- The coach said he had received a text message from the club's Hollywood owner Russell Crowe late Sunday which said "the skies will be bluer on Monday".

Reposting - That lovely framed picture of a pensive Russell sent me by a Crowe fan

Don't forget to check out Crowe offerings at

May 4

Portland [Maine] Press Herald: A young actress lives the dream in the Big Apple -- "...That said, she had a blast filming "State of Play," her first appearance in a major movie with mega-stars. Scheduled for release in early 2009, "State of Play" is the At Gamefilm adaptation of a British TV miniseries about a newspaper's probe into the death of a congressman's mistress. Affleck plays the congressman, and Crowe is the journalist leading the probe. Kevin Macdonald, best known for directing "The Last King of Scotland," directs "State of Play." Lord has a minor but key role. She plays a street waif who comes across a piece of evidence that sets the investigation rolling." - Thanks, Allison

The Herald Sun: Crowe rejoices brave win over Cowboys - Thanks, Allison

Great news!!! The Brisbane Times: Rabbitohs turn it on for Rusty -- "Russell Crowe jetted in from Los Angeles this morning to watch his embattled Bunnies overcome another horror week to claim their first win of the season over North Queensland at ANZ Stadium. The Academy Award winner reportedly arrived at the ground just as the Rabbitohs scored their first try midway through the first half and, after pumping his fist in triumph during the 28-24 win, was among the first to congratulate the players in the dressing rooms. "He came into the dressing room and shook everyone's hands," said backrower David Kidwell, who was stripped of the co-captaincy last week after being one of five players to breach an alcohol ban. "He's as passionate as any player, and it was great to see him. Bit of a surprise actually." There was no great speeches, however, with Crowe making a hasty exit after singing along with the team song." (The same story appears in many Oz news media) - Thanks to all

May 3

Crowe News back-up blog updated

The Herald Sun: Russell Crowe speaks out - "I have spent many hours with Sir Ridley Scott while he is planning a huge film for Universal [Nottingham?]. If the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) deal is done, then he hopes to start that in August." He also says he should be home in Sydney today - Thanks, Maria

From Alison C: I saw an ad on the TLC network this evening that Russell will be on this coming Thursday's episode of "American Chopper" at 9 p.m. Here is the information from the show's website for May 8th: The motorcycle industry singles out OCC for a prestigious award. But with no production bikes in house, the crew scrambles to get more built for the award showcase. With mock-up underway, the Teutuls head south with some new bikes and a reunion with Russ

The Washington Post: Correcting a Colorblind View of the Treasures of Antiquity -- "For nearly two centuries, some scholars have been arguing that white-on-white and green-on-green were not the true tints of antiquity. The Parthenon in Athens and the Forum in Rome might have been almost gaudy. But such ideas have never trickled down, or even sideways: In Hollywood today, but also in many experts' talk, the ancient world comes off as monochrome. In Ridley Scot's "Gladiator," when Russell Crowe strides down the streets of ancient Rome, circa A.D. 180, he's backed up by the proper complement of bronzes and marbles. All of them are green or white.

Constant Crowe Updates:  Mariola has made a new multi-character/real Russell vid set to Bad Company's "Holy Water"!  Click here to go directly to her page!  Also, Cassy found a link on Biography's website called "Star Bites".  I've rendered the file featuring some Russell interviews over the years from the original vid into .wmv format.  Finally, the Constant Crowe Message Board has been migrated to Yuku so be sure to update your bookmark and for the latest Souths information, pix and videos visit the Bunnies Forum on the board!  Cheers, Darrin 

May 2

The Orlando Sentinel: For this TYG, fashion runs in the family -- "He picks up fashion tips off style Web sites such as, and by studying the dress quirks of designers Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Steven Stolman. He also is intrigued by the style of actor Russell Crowe, rap artist Kanye West and the young guys on The CW's Gossip Girl." - Thanks, Maria

This is NottinghamUK: Readers Poll -- Jack Nicholson has been named best ever Hollywood hellraiser by UK film fans... Gladiator star Russell Crowe was seventh with seven per cent. - Thanks, Allison

Thanks for all the links to pictures of Russell, Charlie and Tennyson. I am not posting them at this site.

Cindy Adams in the NY Post: With a Russell mention : AUSTRALIAN director Scott Hicks, whose "Shine" made Geoffrey Rush a star, is filming a drama Down Under with Clive Owen. Is it like Mel Gibson in "Mad Max" or Terence Stamp in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"? He said, "In between, but definitely not like Russell Crowe's 1994 gay love story 'The Sum of Us.' " . . . Summer '09 brings Leslie Uggams in the Stewart Lane-produced B'way musical "Lena." Lena Horne knows about this life story but, wheelchair-bound, is receiving no one connected with the project. - Thanks, barbiecat

May 1

PC World:Apple on Thursday announced that new movie releases will be available for purchase on the iTunes Store the same day as they're available as their DVD release. - Apple is kicking off the new feature of the iTunes Store with new releases this week including "American Gangster," the crime drama starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe; and "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," a drama based on the true story of French fashion editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who, at the age of 43, suffered a debilitating stroke that left him almost entirely unable to move except to blink his left eye. - Thanks, Allison

Seattle pi: Watch This: 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' -- 179 minutes. Unrated. -- Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott's Roman adventure "Gladiator" borrowed liberally from the story line of this 1964 epic with an all-star cast including Alec Guinness, Sophia Loren, James Mason, Christopher Plummer and Omar Sharif. Director Anthony Mann's tale traces the power struggle and political decline that emerges after Rome's emperor, Marcus Aurelius, picks his adopted son to succeed him rather than his unstable biological son. The extras for the two- and three-DVD set come with five making-of segments and commentary with producer Samuel Bronston's son. The three-disc set also has five historical films about ancient Rome, six production stills and a reproduction of the souvenir booklet from the film's premiere.

Ivani has found a pattern-maker page for needlework and cross stitch. She made a pattern of Ben Wade HERE (You can do smaller sizes)

Having some creative fun... (updated)

Real Footy: OK, IT'S Fantasy Football League time again! Please check your coats and pessimism at the door on your way into the Field Of Dreams, high up in the Hollywood Hills. And don't forget to grab your footy Record and a hot pie of imagination. --- The Back Six: Russell Crowe: Was reinstated as a player after a brief stint as coach, when his tendency to smash phones was deemed excessive by president Brando. Russell's focus at training and during games gives him a prickly demeanour, but his teammates love his gladiatorial courage.

The Hollywood Reporter: America Ferrera joins 'Invisible' -- "...Endeavor put together the project, which will be produced by Jana Edelbaum's iDealPartners Film Fund, the New York entity that's also behind the Uma Thurman comedy "Motherhood" and Lionsgate's Russell Crowe crime-saga "Tenderness."