September 2009 News

September 30

The Daily Telegraph: Souths confirm Burgess signed up - SOUTH Sydney owner Russell Crowe has delivered plenty of motivational speeches in his movie roles and it seems that talent has secured the NRL club one of the game's brightest talents.

From Jo in Pittsburgh (Next Three Days News): "Yep...both my daughter and I are official extras and will be filming starting Tuesday. They even want my daughter's black Honda SUV to be in a scene. I'm absolutely tickled." Q & A with Billy Boyd: AKA Music is in Old City (Philadelphia). You should check that out. Lots of local bands are sold in there. We'll have to go then! Actor led bands… well, I had a great night the other night with Russell Crowe. He has a band as well. He had a party, he's working on Robin Hood at the moment, and he sort of had the guys from the movie getting together, the cast from Master and Commander, and had this music party with guitars, pianos, etc., and everyone got up and played songs. It was great. It was a fantastic night. Great music and people.. I think a lot of actors like to play music, lots of down time waiting around to be used, so you pick up a guitar or harmonica and just play. Lots of actors can play harmoinca. Everyone tells me its great, the sound is good. - [this in LA? or while still in the UK?] - Thanks, Maria

The Herald ie: Did i really say that? With Russell Crowe - Thanks, Allison

September 29

The Daily Record: You can't slag off the leading lady when she's your wife, reveals Hollywod star Paul Bettany - Thanks, Cindy

GQ: Why We're wild about Olivia Wilde (TNTD)

Hollywood Reporter: Two more working on Three Days - Also at Reuters news and other outlets - Thanks, All

Russell and Keith in Hollywood last week - Thanks, Liu

September 28

From Maryam in Iran: "i finally succes for write about russell in a very good newspaper in iran , i write about russell so much and i am very happy for that , it is the name for this magazine, it have 25 pages and my report is in page 14 i have a link"

Bad Boy JohnnyFrom Judy: This web site has 2 photos of Russell in the 1980's musical "Bad Boy Johnny" that I don't remember seeing before. Also, if you click on the link that says "music", there is one song from the original cast; I don't think Russell is on the song but there is a male singing during the last half. (ed note: Click on that beautiful young face for a full image) -- This page on the site has a brief video of Russell talking about BBJ with Craig Ferguson in 2008

Playbill - Double related (Blanchett - Robin Hood and Weaving - Proof) -- Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett will star with Hugo Weaving in Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, and Oscar winner William Hurt will star in O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night, in Sydney Theatre Company's 2010 season, the Australian troupe announced.

In the poll on the main page you asked for more images of Russell. To get as many as we can, I have started another thread at Yuku for all Crowologists to add a favorite Crowe image of theirs. I did one to get us started. [ed note: I found the great term Crowologists for another fictional Crowe in a review of a new Nick Hornby book by Janet Maslin in today's NY Times]

At the Crowe Yuku forum, I have started a new topic for fan reviews of the early Crowe films. Let's start with The Sum Of Us - Give us your review.

NineMSN: Actors as Rabbitohs fans were featured as part of the storyline of Sydney TV show 'Rescue Special Ops' (Episode 9) on Sunday night. Scott Geddes & Russell Crowe were mentioned in conversation. You can watch the episode HERE (Probably only for Oz Fans)

Rabbitohs 2010 Membership ON SALE NOW

September 27

Off Topic: October is around the corner.. and I redesigned the Crowe Main Page

September 26

From Dana in South Carolina: I flipped through James Lipton's Inside Insidemmm while poking around Barnes & Noble today.  There is a chapter that begins with a quote from Russell's appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio along with some highlights from that appearance later in the chapter.  Lipton concludes the chapter with some very kind words for him and his work.  Lots of other actors are highlighted as well: DeNiro, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, etc...  Definitely a fun read for movie fans and always nice to see Russell get the praise he deserves!

The Herald Sun: Kym Wilson prepares lavish five-day wedding in Hollywood - Wilson's good mates Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer, as well as US producer David E. Kelley and his wife, Michelle Pfeiffer, are expected to attend the nuptials. [would RC fly from Pittsburgh? And Dani from Sydney?] - Thanks, Rene

League Central: SOUTH Sydney are poised to announce the signing of English international Sam Burgess as they continue to assemble one of the NRL's most formidable forward packs. In a major coup for co-owner Russell Crowe, The Sunday Telegraph understands he has convinced the 114kg prop to play in the NRL for the next three seasons. Burgess, 19, is the front-rower who famously decked Parramatta's Kiwi Test prop Fuifui Moimoi during the 2007 Tri-Nations - Thanks, Steph

The Sydney Morning Herald: lifestyle: Merrie Times In The Hood - "DOUBLE BAY is a long way from Sherwood Forest, however, the merry men and women of Transvaal Avenue could be forgiven for thinking they had been transported back to medieval times on Monday (21st?) when Maid Marion and Robin Hood - thankfully sans tights - hit the shops. Well, at least the latest big screen versions, Russell Crowe, who is playing Hood in the yet-to-be-released Hollywood blockbuster, and Cate Blanchett, in the role of Marion. The pair bumped into each other in a power-shopping expedition. While the chemistry was not obvious, Crowe and Blanchett have filmed a sex scene for the film, which Crowe recently described as ''very special''. The pair also rode horses together, saw off the bad guys, got partially naked, wallowed chin-deep in mud, danced by firelight, attended a funeral and did plenty of kissing. Tough gig."

September 25 Nine to launch Aussie version of The Secret Millionaire -- Nine is to launch an Australian version of reality show The Secret Millionaire, which follows wealthy Australians as they go undercover donating cash to worthy causes. - Thanks, Allison

From Russell: "Recently I did the narration for a tv show that will go to air in Australia soon (Channel Nine on October 8). It is called  Secret Millionaire and is based on a UK show of the same name. Ch 9 made a substantial donation directly into South's Care's in return for my services." 

Related: LA Times - Ron Howard on his first comic-book film project: 'This is new territory for me'

YouTube (Gladiator related): Djimon Hounsou spoke movingly at the opening of the United Nations Summit on Climate Change on September 22, 2009 including the words of Carl Sagan. - Thanks, Jeannine

Remember that Spike TV is showing the NRL play-offs on USA TV

September 24

The Sudbury Star: Russell Crowe's Mates - Thanks, Kris C, Lynda

The Hollywood Reporter: Trio pencil in Three Days - Eight-year-old actor Ty Simpkins has signed on to endure "The Next Three Days" with writer-director Paul Haggis. Recording artist RZA has also been cast in the thriller, and Tony winner Brian Dennehy [ed note: great news] is in negotiations to co-star. - Thanks, Steph

From Darrin: I finally located and rendered the November 2003 interview Russell did with Oprah in promotion of Master and Commander!

The Results of the NRL Survey done by the Daily Telegraph au (pdf file)

September 23

The same scene as yesterday - north towards long reef from Dee Why now -- The storm has passed:


Connections --- The Good Wife, a new CBS series produced by Scott Free Productions, co-stars Archie Panjabi (AGY) - You can watch on line - Thanks, Ellen

UK News at Yahoo : Russell on working with Ridley - "...Russell, who stars in State Of Play with Ben Affleck, went on to say: "The part of me that was a theatre actor appreciates being on a Ridley Scott set because I'm a time traveller and I can live in the world and that's a great privilege and I really enjoy it. "At the end of the day, he is a master of the cinema and I'm very lucky to know him and know him professionally the way I do." - Thanks, Allison

Elizabeth Banks Blog: "...I'll be playing a convicted murderess opposite Russell Crowe in Paul Haggis's new film. He did "Crash". Psyched to be back in Pittsburgh where we shot Zach & Miri Make a Porno. Thanks Rain, for coming down to welcome me, remind me just where I'm at and which season I'm entering. Just so I won't be confused with my home in LA where it's sunny and 90 degrees." - Thanks, Maria

Banks visited the Allegheny County Jail

UK Press Association: Macdonald's regrets over McAvoy -- "...Kevin would also like to collaborate again with his State Of Play cast, especially Russell Crowe, who played hard-nosed reporter Cal McAffrey in the political thriller based on the BBC drama. "Russell Crowe is highly intelligent and rational. He's not a method actor, and uses skill and detail to create his character," he said. "The studio said to me, 'Who do you want?' I said, 'I want the best actor in the world, and that's Russell Crowe.' And they said, 'OK, let's see.' So we sent Russell the script. Twenty-four hours after that, he'd agreed to do it. Russell came in, took the character by the scruff of the neck and totally understood who Cal would be." - Thanks, Allison

The Telegraph UK: Elvis Presley's guitar and Michael Jackson's outfits up for auction -- "...Action movie fans can take their pick from outfits worn by Mel Gibson during 'Braveheart' or Russell Crowe in 'Gladiator'. The William Wallace tunic should sell for around £6,000 while Aussie star Crowe's costumes could sell for a massive 21,000 pounds." - Thanks, Allison

Related: Fangoria - Ben Foster Opens PANDORUM’s Box - Thanks, Allison

September 22

Sydney right now: View north towards long reef from Dee Why now:

Sydney in fog 2010 NRL Draw Released

University of Rochester: Even the Sheriff of Nottingham Can't Stop Robin Hood from Reappearing -- "Every generation gets the Robin Hood they want and the Robin Hood they deserve," says Thomas Hahn, professor of English and the organizer of "Robin Hood: Media Creature," a conference that will examine the ways in which the outlaw hero has been reshaped over the past 700 years. Beginning Thursday, Oct. 22 on the River Campus, scholars and fans will take a look at the evolution of Robin Hood through stage, song, literature, memorabilia, and more. Even Hollywood can't leave the legend alone as it prepares for the 2010 release of Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, not to mention the start of the third season of Robin Hood, a the hit show on BBC America. So how is it that an obscure mythological character, who may not have existed, remains an iconic figure all over the world and throughout history? According to Hahn, "The tale provides an escapist fantasy that is timeless and compelling to people at any age." It includes themes of rebellion, justice, brotherhood, and even a love interest- all subjects that Hahn says not only make a great story, but that are easy to connect with people's emotions. - Thanks, Kris C, Cindy

The Daily Telegraph: Russell Crowe is on the road again - Thanks, Maria

Of interest: The Australian National Dictionary is available free on line. Browse by clicking on a letter at the right top of page

From Jo: Ok, just a bit ago I was moving some DVD boxes around and for the first time REALLY looked at the back cover of SOP's. If you have it, go look at the very blue picture on the right just under the UPC code. IS that or is that NOT a love scene with Russ and Robin Wright Penn? And it's not even a flashback cuz he looks like he does in the present day.

Female First has a Kevin MacDonald (SOP) interview - Thanks, Allison

September 21

Two Russell related From the TV Guide: Mad Men -- Cheers - to Jared Harris for bringing a new element of mystery to Mad Men. As Lane Pryce, the envoy for the British company that's taken over Sterling Cooper, the chameleonlike character actor has inexplicably shaken up the ad agency.  Harris is no stranger to characters with mysterious motivations - he also played slippery prisoner David Robert Jones on Fringe. And as the son of the legendary Richard Harris, great acting's in his genes. Hope he sticks around Sterling Cooper for a while - it's always good for a drama to have a guy who drives everyone Mad. --- Cheers to David Harbour for his chilling turn as a "family annihilator" on Law and Order: criminal Intent.  You probably don't know Harbour's name yet, but you may recognize his face: He made indelible impressions as Kate Winslet's lovesick neighbor in "Revolutionary Road" and Russell Crowe's shadowy source in "State of Play". And if you caught his work as a laid-off banker who went on a killing spree on CI, you won't forget him. His in-your-face final confrontation with Vincent D'Onofrio was some of the best acting we've seen on any size screen this year. Remember Harbour's name: This guy will win major awards someday. - Thanks, Ellen

From Avril: This might be of interest for Rabbitohs fans in the UK and the USA for watching next season's games. AusSports is a service where folks outwith Australia can subscribe to watch NRL games live on their computers. For NRL only the cost is £4.99/month or £29.99 for a year in the UK and $9.95/month or $59.95 for a year in the USA. The website says the streaming is of very high quality.  If Spike tv in the USA or Bigpond live does not come up with the goods next season then this might be a viable alternative.

AMCTV: Now or Then: The Informant! or The Insider? - Thanks, Allison

September 20

The Daily Telegraph: Crowe banished to row J as Cate Blanchett takes to the stage - Thanks, CGee, Steph

September 19

Sydney Confidential reveals your Sydney A-list stars you voted for - "...With an overwhelming percentage of the vote, Delta Goodrem is clearly voters' favourite music personality. From the film and television category, the clear winners were Russell Crowe and Toni Collette..." View Russell in the gallery - Thanks, Allison, others

The Sault Star: 'We're a Canadian band' — Great Big Sea — On The Town - Doyle wrapped up work in August on Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. The film, slated for a May 14 release, marks Doyle's film debut. He appears [as] a minstrel in the latest film celebrating English folk hero. Doyle and leading man Russell Crowe have been friends since 2004. The rookie actor relished his time in England, but is reluctant to say much about his work in the movie for fear of revealing important plot details. "I'm still struggling to find a way to describe it," said Doyle. - Thanks, Allison

September 18

(Spoilers) The Pour Elle: Made-in-France, à la Hollywood -- If the mostly dismal track record for Americanized versions of foreign hits is any indication, the translation process is likely to strip both movies of the smarts and vitality that make them unique. Chances are the version of Pour Elle that comes without Russell Crowe will be the one to see. - Thanks, madchen

The Australian: Russell Crowe email revealed Jason Taylor's fate - "I sent him an email ... entitled 'A Lot To Say' and it was just me saying I haven't had a chance to tell anyone what exactly has gone on here. "I got a reply that was absolutely scathing. It was a very, very negative response. "That scared me a fair bit because that was before I'd been handed the breach notice."

A great historical find --- YouTube: Russell Crowe - 1976 age 12 - The Young Doctors - Thanks, Simone

Russell in 1976

New poll to right

Accidential Sexines: Russell Crowe makes his arrival! - Thanks, Mara - Also at Zimbio - Thanks, barbiecat

The Mirror UK: DVD of the week: State of Play

September 17

Blog Critics: Making Movies in the Hinterlands: Killed by a Vampire -- A Russell Crowe film is on tap for next month. Local casting agents are looking for bit players and extras. The long dry spell seems to be over, and opportunity is once again knocking. - Thanks, Jo A Taylor's and Fa'alogo's Contracts Terminated - Thanks, beej

September 16 Rabbitohs Statement - "The Board of the South Sydney Rabbitohs met today to consider the written submissions made by Head Coach Jason Taylor and to give Mr Taylor the opportunity to address the Board personally with his representatives."

Ridley Related: Variety: John Logan runs to 'Passage' - In a seven-figure deal, John Logan has been set by Fox 2000 to adapt "The Passage," the Jordan Ainsley vampire novel being developed for Ridley Scott to potentially direct. It marks the first time that Logan and Scott have collaborated since the Oscar-winning "Gladiator."

September 15

Sydney Confidential: FRESH from taking a radio to the head, Cate Blanchett was back to business yesterday - lending her star power to an obscure artistic cause.... Blanchett, showing no visible signs of her injury, said she had had a "great" time filming Robin Hood with Russell Crowe this year. - Thanks, Steph

Perhaps Russell's letter is in response to this article from The Telegraph - Russell Crowe’s Hollywood hypocrisy

The Daily Telegraph: No room for any sympathy, by Russell Crowe - (ed note on Russell's letter - Dear friend – You must know that, as said by LP Hartley in the novel, The Go Between:  – “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.” You have more that left all that behind, and have grown in wisdom and kindness. I am very proud of you, and of the words you have written to the Bunny fans. )

The Courier Mail: I'm to blame for Jason Taylor scandal, says Russell Crowe - Thanks, Steph

The Hollywood news: Blu Ray review for The Quick and The Dead - Thanks, Kris C

September 14

The Globe and Mail (Paul Haggis): ‘The hope is always to do better' - (TNTD mentioned) - Thanks, Maria

From Trevor and Shirley in Oz: "Also available on region free DVD-R in NTSC or PAL format the recent Russell movie Tenderness Should you want a DVD-R of Tenderness the cost is US$9.95 + shipping of US$8.75 and payment can be made by PayPal to using the reference DVDRCTENDERNESS  or we can accept Visa or MasterCard, if we have your card details on file please email an authority to charge that card." - Thanks, Deb

September 13

On Facebook, Dave Kelly says: "Very happy to be back behind the drum kit and back in the studio with the lads. Been a long time." --And in response to who the lads are, says -- "Yes it's the TOFOG lads. Finished some beds for demos this week. Some overdubs still to do." - Thanks, Cindy

From a fan: Somebody on Twitter says that House’s Olivia Wilde will have a role in The Next Three Days - no other confirmation of this - At TIFF in Toronto, Olivia Wilde with director Paul Haggis, the co-founder of Artists for Peace and Justice. He organized this fundraiser for schools in Haiti.

September 12 Storm 54 defeat Rabbitohs 18 in Week One - The South Sydney Rabbitohs were steam-rolled by the Melbourne Storm in the first qualifying final of the 2009 Toyota Cup Finals Series, going down 54-18 at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium tonight (Friday).

September 11 - We Remember...

Movie Score Magazine: "Universal Pictures has confirmed to MovieScore Magazine that Ridley Scott will continue his collaboration with composer Marc Streitenfeld on his upcoming film version of the classic Robin Hood tale. Streitenfeld, who came to Scott via fellow German countryman Hans Zimmer working on Gladiator, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down and Matchstick Men, has written the scores for his three latest features, A Good Year, American Gangster and Body of Lies. His music for American Gangster resulted in a ‘Discovery of the Year’ award at the World Soundtrack Awards last year. Robin Hood, which stars Russell Crowe as the righteous hero and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian, is scheduled to premiere in May next year." - Thanks, Cindy

Double Related: British film to open Toronto festival -- For the first time in its 34-year history, a British film will kick off the 10-day Toronto International Film Festival which gets under way on Thursday. The film, Creation, stars the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly and her husband, British actor Paul Bettany. - Thanks, Wendy

Spike TV: 2009 National Rugby League Finals Series NRL Finals -- For the first time on basic cable, Spike will be the exclusive American home to the 2009 National Rugby League Finals Series. The NRL is one of the premiere rugby organizations in the world and features some of the biggest names in the sport. Beginning Friday, September 11th, Spike will air the three weekly NRL Finals culminating with the best two teams facing off in the NRL Grand Final on... (NR)

September 10 Rabbitohs Statement Regarding Jason Taylor and David Fa'alogo - Thanks, Chats

Home Media Magazine: State Of Play thrills buyers and renters - Thanks, Allison, Kris C

Re The Next Three Days -- Review of Pour Elle (Amazon UK has Pour Elle available for pre-order - PAL version - September 28)

September 9

Female First: Connie Nielson Talks Gladiator - Thanks, Barbiecat

The How to dress like a pirate -- "...And of course, don't forget the hat. Jack Sparrow never left his. A good tri-corned one works well, but a true commodore's hat, like the one Russell Crowe wears in Master and Commander, simply cannot be beat." - Thanks, Kris C Danielle Spencer – ‘Calling All Magicians’ + Tony Visconti video interview -- Watch Danielle Spencer video – EPK; Tony Visconti interview HERE at YouTube

Virgin Media: Top 10 Fight scenes - #1 - Gladiator - Thanks, JJ

September 8

League HQ: Unwelcome Rabbitohs news - Slap-happy Taylor's future on the line - Thanks Maria Crowe, Kerry, Nostalgia Boost Sales as Cupcake Orgy Hits D.C. -- Russell Crowe ordered 16 dozen cupcakes for his crew while filming “State of Play” in Washington last year. U.S. Senator John Kerry often visits the same Georgetown shop to pick up chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. - Thanks, Steph

The Birmingham Post: A glittering career for Martin Adams - Thanks, Steph

Total Film scan: Robin Hood - Thanks, Steph

LA Times: The habit Hollywood can't seem to kick: Remakes "...Universal has updates of both "The Wolfman" and "Robin Hood," the latter with Russell Crowe in the lead role and Ridley Scott behind the camera."

Russell as daddy at iVillage

Russell's Biography at Variety

September 6

My Yuku Forums are restored (Thanks to all for the help in learning how to do this)

A site called the Cinema Intelligence Agency has info and images for Tenderness (warning - one is a spoiler) - Thanks, Maryam

Production notes for Tenderness (A word document)

MI6 UK: Inaugural Thrillspy International Film Festival to be held in Washington DC in early October - The film selections include films from around the world, from this year’s Cannes and Sundance festivals, international award-winning documentaries, and debuts by local filmmakers. The opening night film is the 2009 political thriller “Sate of Play”, starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. - Thanks, Allison

Darrin at Constant Crowe has a blog for Crowe news

September 5

The Sunday Telegraph: Crowe Lands Emmy For His Part In Sporting Perfection - His South Sydney Rabbitohs might have missed out on the finals but their movie star co owner Russell Crowe has won his own grand final this year. The Oscar winner will soon have a sports Emmy to put in his trophy cabinet — perhaps it can serve as an inspiration to the Bunnies, who haven't won a premiership since 1971. Crowe's latest gong came from his role in the 2008 Super Bowl telecast, when the undefeated New England Patriots took on the New York Giants. As part of their pre-game coverage, America's Fox Sports put together a piece on "Perfection" — and what it means to various people. In a flash of inspiration, Fox Sports boss David Hill thought Crowe would be his ideal quarterback. On short notice, Crowe broke from shooting a movie and headed to Fox studios, tweaked the script and nailed the voice-over first go. And a year later, an Emmy lands on Hill's desk for the piece on "perfection". Our spies tell us an Emmy is being made up for Crowe as well. Oscar, Emmy ... all he needs now is a grand final ring from his beloved Rabbitohs to complete

The Daily Telegraph au: Stars vie for $15m celebrity fortress -- "Russell Crowe took a private tour last week of the six-bedroom, 4000sqm Victoria Rd estate, Le Manoir, billed as the ultimate privacy-preserving celebrity retreat. Crowe inspected the property with wife Danielle Spencer and an entourage that included friend and real estate agent John McGrath." - Thanks, Steph

USA Today (another version!): Russell Crowe challenges columnist to bike duel - Thanks, Mike A Rabbitohs Steal Last Second Victory to Finish Season

September 4

YouTube: A GOOD YEAR : Luberon and all the places of the movie with our Harley! - "the movie a good year...changed my life! so to buy the same harley russel drove on the movie, and leave from rome to bonnieux and all the places where the movie was shot! me and my love... it's been the best travel ever..." - Giorgio and Stefania from Italy

The BBC: Crowe tells writer to get on bike -- Russell Crowe challenged an Australian newspaper columnist to a cycle duel after she mocked a picture of him smoking and eating on a bike ride. (Video - great fun) - Thanks, Kris C, Wendy - Story also in Hello Magazine and elsewhere - Thanks, Steph

The Australian: The getting of wisdom -- Director Bruce Beresford has spent his life telling the stories less told. And he's busier than ever, writes Greg Callaghan -- "...Beresford describes Tandy's performance as "one of the greatest ever captured on film". She played the part with "extraordinary honesty and simplicity" and was amazingly easy to work with. "She'd turn up each day and ask, 'What do you want me to do, dear? How do you want me to play it?' She was devoid of any theories of acting." Unlike the theatre, where gestures can be large, the movie camera comes so close that the slightest insincerity stands out, Beresford says. Russell Crowe is a superb actor because he "doesn't play a part, he plays himself in the part". - Thanks, Maria

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Extras casting alert -- Nancy Mosser Casting will be handling extras casting for the Paul Haggis film "The Next Three Days" starring Russell Crowe The movie, set in Pittsburgh, will shoot here this fall. - Thanks, Cindy

The Daily Telegraph: Russell Crowe looks to miss mate -- "Shane Warne's 40th birthday next week with Crowe instead heading "bush" to Nana Glen to spend time in the recording studio. Crowe, who goes to America in two weeks to start filming The Next Three Days, will squeeze in recording time before he leaves and has eight songs ready to lay down. His music, he informed us yesterday, remains a constant in his life although he has had little time for live performance due to a gruelling filming schedule. The Next Three Days is a remake of a French thriller and Crowe plays a teacher who tries to free his wife from prison after she is wrongly convicted of murder. "

September 3

Marketing Vox: (For UK Fans) - In a relationship forged by agency Blue Barracuda, Pizza Hut Delivery is partnering with online film/TV aggregator to offer discounted films when users order a pizza. Films available for streaming under the liaison will include "Gran Torino" and "Body of Lies" — enabling those the utilize the service to create a dinner-and-a-movie experience without leaving home.

The UK Sun: Stone the Crowe - it's fun Russ (Vintage Gallery of RC fooling around on the Gladiator set) - Thanks, Anne S

The Daily Telegraph: Movie star vs Gossip Girl - Now looks who's Rusty - IT IS an accepted view that if one lives by the sword, so might one expect to die by it. This week this columnist tasted the tip of her own sword - as thrust by the Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe - after an item in Sydney Confidential raised the actor's ire -- Thanks, Maria

bike ride

Seattle PI: The best male performance of the '00s -- ...Only six lower-rated seeds slipped through last round with the biggest upset occurring when #25 Mickey Rourke's Wrestler topped #1 Russell Crowe in Gladiator. Crowe is now out of the competition as his Beautiful Mind performance fizzled out in the third round as well. Another third round victim? Daniel Day-Lewis, who couldn't sneak into the Sweet 16 with Gangs of New York or There Will Be Blood. - Thanks, Kris C

The Australian: Spike TV to air NRL finals - Spike TV Schedule

September 2

Reuters: NEW YORK, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Spike TV will be the exclusive American television home to the 2009 National Rugby League playoffs and championship game, it was announced today by Brian J. Diamond, senior vice president, sports & specials, Spike TV.  The network will telecast three weekly NRL playoff contests beginning Friday, September 11, culminating with the Grand Final on Sunday, October 4.  All NRL games will emanate from Australia and will air on Spike TV same day-tape. This marks the first time NRL matches will air nationally in the United States on basic cable.  The NRL is one of the premiere rugby organizations in the world featuring some of the best players in the sport including Billy Slater (Melbourne Storm), Jarrod Hayne (Parramatta Eels), Jamie Soward (St. George Dragons), Kurt Gidley (Newcastle Knights), and Matt Orford (Manly Sea Eagles).
The 16-team league features fifteen teams from Australia and one from New Zealand.  World-renowned actor Russell Crowe owns the South Sydney Rabbitohs.
The Grand Final, traditionally one of Australia's most popular sporting events, will be held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney in front of 80,000 fans.

CGee has a brief video of Russell's reaction to a South's goal. - "Anyway, it’s some brief highlights of last week’s game against the Dragons but half way through there’s a shot of Russell cheering the boys on. I’m not much of a lip reader but I have to agree with his “Fuck Yeah” assessment of the game! LOL!"

September 1

DVD Beaver: Gladiator Blu Ray - with lots of screen shots - Thanks, Judy

The Film Journal: Distributor report cards: Mini-majors, specialty divisions and indies - Lionsgate -- Year so far: During its first full year under motion picture group president Joe Drake, Lionsgate branched out on the development side, signing on for A-list projects like the Paul Haggis-Russell Crowe dramatic thriller "The Next Three Days"

Twitter: Contrary to what @SydConfidential says, Mad Mex tacos are NOT fatty! In fact, only 1450kJ -- so keep coming back Russell Crowe! (Scroll): Hollywood Guys Made for Daddy Duty We're big fans of Russell Crowe, but he's a bigger fan of sons Tennyson and Charlie. If you flip through our Celebrity Kids gallery, you'll see Mr. Crowe popping up again and again. - Thanks, Allison