April 2011 News

April 30

The NY Daily News: Go to #25 - Hollywood double takes: Actors who take on famous faces - Thanks, Caliope -- And Celebs' dramatic weight losses and gains for roles (#11)

April 29 - Congrats William and Kate

Russell at Twitter today: "tracks dissapeared in the leaves and bark on the ground at sundown, cheeky blighter came from the other direction entirely... followed male dingo, alone, got to within 20 metres, cracked my stock whip, holy bejesus off he ran fast as lightning, we'll see if he's back at dawn"

The Guardian UK: Russell Crowe tipped to direct James Ellroy film 77 - Actor reportedly considering making directorial debut on movie based on story of 1974 Symbionese Liberation Army shootout

RABBITOHS 31 DEFEAT SHARKS 12 - Thanks, CGee, Nicole

April 28

Related: Deadline NY: Max Landis, Ron Howard Team Up On 'Amnesty' Pitch

Sydney Confidential: Russell Crowe's magic in a new direction - Thanks, Kris C

Warrington Guardian: Wolves News --   WOLVES’ players look set for an exciting opportunity to train and play alongside NRL stars in Australia. Arrangements are close to being finalised for a friendly with South Sydney Rabbitohs to take place Down Under in early 2012 as part of the pre-season preparations. - Thanks, Kris C

The Edge: When in Rome -- Explore ancient history on foot in Italy’s capital - Thanks, Kris C

April 27

New poll on right. You may choose more than one answer. Have fun.

The Eastsider: What will a rotting corpse and Russell Crowe do for Echo Park home values? - [LAC] Thanks, Tamara

April 26

The Boombox.com: RZA Joins Cast of Showtime's 'Californication --- He is currently focusing his talents on his directorial debut, 'The Man With the Iron Fist.' The film, produced by Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino, is based on a script by RZA about a blacksmith who must protect his villagers. The martial arts flick stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Pam Grier and RZA too, and is set to hit theaters in December 2011.

Re "77": The battle of the Symbionese Liberation Army and the LAPD - Scroll to "Move to Los Angeles and police shootout" - The IMDb: Neverland: The Rise and Fall of the Symbionese Liberation Army --- The LA Times May 2002 -- Mike Edwards - "On May 10, 1974, Edwards had just finished his last day on a stint with the LAPD's gang task force and headed to the bar at the Los Angeles Police Academy to meet some friends. A guard saw him leave the academy about 10:30 p.m. in his Ford Pinto station wagon. A short time later, he was back at the 77th Street station. After leaving there, he was seen by witnesses at a nearby hospital, Kilcoyne said."

edark.org: From 2001 - James Elroy - 77

Paul Cush photos of Russell and Dani (Very recent) - Thanks, Cathleen

April 25

This is news! - Russell Crowe Looking To Direct 1970s Crime Drama '77' - Thanks, Cindy, Judy - More on this at i Film - Russell Crowe Eyeing ’77,’ Based on a James Ellroy Story, as Starring and Directing Project - David Matthews info at Wikipedia

The Herald Sun: RUSSELL Crowe's two young sons experienced their first Anzac Day Dawn Service yesterday. (No picture) - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne - The Daily Telegraph has the same story with a picture of Russell and the two boys - not sure if it is new. - Thanks, Ellen

Twitter: Russell says hi to the world -- russellcrowe Russell Crowe -- and to the lands,Pol,Green,Ice,Eng,Thai,Switzer,Fin,Scot Nether,New Z,Swazi,Ire,Northern Ire & Newfound,Mary & Van Deimans... I say...hey ---- Salaam Pakistan, and all the other stans, some of which I probably wouldn't spell right without looking them up

Russell's favorite films - Cinderella Man and A Beautiful Mind, via Twitter - Thanks Barbiecat

April 24 - Happy and Blessed Easter

The Washington Post: In Your Face: Paparazzi take root in Washington - "When Russell Crowe was in town shooting “Body of Lies” in 2007, Drummond and Wilkins say, they pursued his car up Clara Barton Parkway in a chase with speeds that exceeded 85 mph. The actor ended up jumping out of the car and fleeing along the canal on a mountain bike that he pulled out of the trunk. (Crowe’s rep did not return calls for comment.)" - Thanks, CGee [ Russell's bit is on Page 4 of the aticle]

From Tony: To fans of Russell Crowe and the Aubrey-Maturin series of books by Patrick O’Brian, you may like this tribute to this fantastic author

April 23

Souths Lose - Bulldogs win 36-24 - Thanks, CGee

April 21

Russell at Twitter:russellcrowe Russell Crowe @alanthomasdoyle and I completed another tune yesterday, he convalescing in St.John's and I galavanting in the NSW bush,it's a modern world -- and: "the sky is a gun barrell blue,the sun kindly burns some indecisve clouds,the mist rises like an ocean, making an island from a mountain top"

The Express UK: Gladiator: The True Story - Thanks, Steph

The IMDb Trivia - TN3D: The Next Three Days (2010) - Thanks, Allison

April 19

Weekly Times Now: Steer Bar to Crowe about - Thanks, Steph

Russell on Twitter: "Today I am in Sherwood Forest ( I kid you not) in the Parish of Bagawa on the mid north coast of New South Wales."

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April 18

Telegraph au: St George Illawarra Dragons beat South Sydney Rabbitohs in NRL round six - Thanks, CGee, Nicole

April 17

The Daily Telegraph: JESSICA Halloran talks to Greg Inglis about diets, Russell Crowe and a new life.

April 16

Herald Sun: Call of the Crowe - Thanks, Steph

From Russell at Twitter:russellcrowe Russell Crowe -- "In the bush,was going to tweet about dawn the other day,but it was too beautiful.This place has become a bird sanctuary,I know how they feel"

April 15

Off Topic: Blog: Which book would you pass along to future generations?

From The Examiner: RZA's Man With The Iron Fists -- A totally inaccurate article - Thanks, Caliope - See the January article at Obsessed With Film

YouTube: Speed Painting Russell Crowe in Gladiator by Alejandro Jorge - Thanks, Caliope

Stress Tips: How Russell Crowe assisted me to overcome my fear of public speaking - Thanks, Cindy

April 13

The Hollywood Reporter: Double Related -- Michael Mann, Paul Haggis Teaming for 'Gold' -- The contemporary thriller, which is in the vein of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," centers on a ruthless search for the precious metal. --- Mann does have a couple of other projects in development that are vying for his attention. One is Agincourt, about the story of Nicholas Hook, a British archer who fought the French alongside Henry V in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, and Batam. [ed note: If Mann wants an experienced archer, he couldn't do better than Russell]

Related: Dark Horizons -- Kevin Durand Visits "Cosmopolis" (Also Giamatti) - Thanks, Steph

From Kathleen: "It's fantastic that the Tribeca Film Festival is paying tribute to ABM by hosting a 10th anniversary screening of the film on April 30th! To top that off, a discussion - hosted by Ira Flatow - will follow with the creative masterminds behind ABM (director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and author Sylvia Nasar). They will also be joined by a math consultant and a theoretical physicist/mathematician to discuss the successes and challenges involved when portraying scientific concepts in films. (I'm uncertain if RC will be there, but, his presence would definitely complete the panel of guests.)"

From Sherezade: No matter how many times Gladiator is on tv, Maximus keeps winning battles. Last Sunday the film was the most watched programme on prime time in Spain. 21.8% of share that increased to 29.6% during the final battle Maximus vs Commodus.

April 12

Stumble Upon - Movie Mistakes - A Beautiful Mind

Box office in Italy, The Next Three Days´release number 1 - Thanks, Sherezade

Digital Spy: Bob Geldof to stage Sydney charity gig - Other artists confirmed to play at the event are Russell Crowe's wife Danielle Spencer, and former INXS singer Jon Stevens. - Thanks, Steph, Sherezade

April 11

From Gayle-Lynne:  Currently we have four former co-stars of Russell’s  in two separate films currently in theaters.  -- Tom Hollander (A Good Year)  and Cate Blanchett (Robin Hood)  are in “Hanna.“ -- Tomas Arana ( LA Confidential, Gladiator)   and Abbie Cornish (A Good Year)  in “Limitess.”

YouTube: Charcoal Sketch of Robin Hood - in the making - Thanks, Caliope

From Mary at TLC: We have a couple of new pages to announce at TRC - a page for videos from the AGY promotion -- and a page for the studio issued wallpapers for each film

April 10

Oz Related: Gunyah Animal Sanctuary in Yarra Valley in Victoria - They need donations (Thanks, Judi) -- And in the NY Times: In Australia, Driving the Great Ocean Road

April 9

Oprah.com: Video from “Oprah Behind the Scenes” featuring Russell  - Thanks, Judy

Glad Alan's surgery is over. Speedy recovery, A'Dale!!

April 8

101 Greatest Screenplays by the WGA - #60. L.A. CONFIDENTIAL
Screenplay by Brian Helgeland & Curtis Hanson. Based on the novel by James Ellroy - Thanks, Allison

Bunnies lose - Rabbitohs Fall to Tigers in 2011 Heritage Round 24-6 - Thanks, CGee, Nicole

The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe is back on the fags

April 7 - Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary

From Gayle-Lynne: The Herald Sun -- Bunnies show their true Merritt -- An article about the Bunnies—and how they have fared because RC is an owner.

[ed note - a real treat. Russell will love it] - "Dear Murph, this is a video that the Italian fans have dedicated to Russell for his birthday. Each of us has a picture of a city with its name. We posted a tweet to Russell." - From erminia

April 6

Happy Birthday Russell (In Sydney it just turned Thursday the 7th)

Time again to send Birthday and Anniversary Greetings to Russell (and Dani) (April 7) - Go to this thread at the Crowe News Blog to enter yours - Or here at the Yuku Forum

On this day - April 6 - in 1199, King Richard I of England (Danny Huston) dies from an infection following the removal of an arrow from his shoulder - shades of Robin Hood....

Flixchatter.com: Before Russell Crowe became critics’ darling, he was in a silly supernatural comedy Rough Magic. What’s more peculiar than the movie is the Aussie thespian’s involvement. - Thanks, Allison


Maryam has made a Crowe poster

April 5

Related: Deadline.com - (Curtis Hanson) - Premiere Dates Set For 'Too Big To Fail' & 'Sports Show With Norm Macdonald'

From Lynda - ALan's Blog: Alan's keeping his spirits up well enough, as can be inferred from his most recent blog, written from his bed:

From Russell [ed note: Hope Alan gets better, and fans can still plan ahead for a winter LA treat. I've posted this news at the Crowe News Blog if you want to comment]:


I've got some bad news. Mr Doyle has come a cropper and requires some mechanical work.
We are not doing the shows in May.
I can't tell you how sorry we are. thirteen months of planning down the chute.
I have thought about alternatives in the past few days, but there was a purpose to these shows that just isn't fulfilled without A'Dayle .
Maybe November.

He has also posted at Twitter (Thanks, Penny) - For those of you waiting on news of the LA shows,Mr Doyle has ruptured himself and is going under the knife. Maybe November.Very sorry.

April 4

Having some fun with Ben Wade

From Tamara at TRC: The April calendar has been updated. Thanks.

Lisa Gerrard vid - Thanks, Caliope

Not sure if you're interested in this as Crowe news but...Here's something interesting for Bunny fans - Facebook has a NRL Rugby Jersey Creator.  I can't link it because it's an app you have to get on Facebook, but it's kinda cool.  If you search I'm sure it will pop up. -- Paula/Sec7

April 3

From Schmiddy: Aubrey & Maturin on the BBC again!  "Patrick O'Brian's naval epic set in 1809, dramatised in three parts by Roger Danes. Starring David Robb as Captain Jack Aubrey and Richard Dillane as Doctor Stephen Maturin. Following his adventures in HMS Surprise, Jack Aubrey has been kicking his heels at home when his old friend, Stephen Maturin, comes knocking at his door with welcome news. Jack is promoted to Commodore, and is to lead a squadron of English ships, charged with taking the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Réunion from the French ......" part 1 OR here scroll down to 3pm

April 2

SMH: Sydney's Grand New Bike Boulevard - Russell has used it -- Thanks, CGee

411Mania.com: 411 Movies Feedback: What Movie Should Have Been Given a Sequel? - Thanks, Caliope

New hotel in Spain called The Robin Hood Inn - Thanks,Caliope

April 1

Not April Fools -- From Alan Doyle's Journal:" My biggest regret is that I’ll have to bow out of the proposed shows in May in LA with Russell and a host of others. I was looking forward to that time especially as we’d get to share some tunes from the Crowe Doyle Songbook in some cool and intimate environments." - [ed note: Be better, Alan. I will try to find out if the tour will continue]

And a follow up from Bristol City News about that April Fool article - WERE YOU FOOLED BY CROWE GAG? - Thanks, Steph

Rabbitohs.com.au: RABBITOHS 32 DEFEAT SEA EAGLES 30 IN ROUND FOUR, 2011 - Thanks, CGee

Bristol City.com has an April Fool's article: CROWE FLIES INTO CITY- City's players were left star struck yesterday, when Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe unexpectedly arrived for a surprise visit to the club's Failand training ground. - Thanks, Caliope, Steph, Kris C

Another April Fools - Travel Blackboard - Thanks, Kris C

Chicago Now - Hammervision: In Defense Of...The Next Three Days

IMDb Daily Poll: If Angelina Jolie plays Cleopatra, who should play her lover, Marc Antony? (Suggested by IMDb users) - Thanks, Allison -- [ed note: Not a fan of Angelina Jolie, so can't get excited about this as a possibility for Russell]

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