Crowe News 2011

May 31

Heart UK: Russell Crowe off to Durham Uni (another verison of the story - Thanks, Kris C

May 30 - Memorial Day - We remember Panthers Beat Rabbitohs in the Wet in Round 12, 2011 (22-10) - Thanks, CGee, Nicole

BBC News: Russell Crowe talks drama at Durham University - Thanks, Steph

Yahoo Music UK/Ireland: NEWS - Prince performs with Blige -- "...And the duet went down well with the crowd, which included actor Russell Crowe. In a series of posts on his page on Sunday, he writes, "Went to see Prince at The Forum in LA last night... I did go crazy, I did get down... duet with MaryJBlige on Nothing compares 2 U ...sublime." - Thanks, Steph

The Scotsman: Gladiator star Russell Crowe checks out his Scottish roots - and a medieval fort - Thanks, Avril

May 29

From Mary at TLC: We've added a few older videos to our archive at TRC - the list is on the main page at TRC

The Telegraph: Hugh Sheridan on track for musical Jesus Christ Superstar - "...Co-writer Ben Elton said it was a privilege to work with Lloyd Webber. "It was like working with God in the theatre's gods," he said before revealing he was in talks with Russell Crowe about a potential movie. Although it was early days, he said they were working on turning his book The First Casualty into a feature film." - (available as an audible book at i tunes) Thanks, Cindy

May 28

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
On June 3rd I'll be at Durham University chatting with young actors in the morning and screening a home movie in the evening for DTS members

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
On June 5th I'll be at Duncarron to view the Clanranald Trust Medieval Fort. Scottish heritage in my family,first time in Scotland,special - Thanks, Steph

The Scotts' "Gettysburg" premieres at 9 p.m. on Memorial Day as History launches a four-year initiative to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Actor Sam Rockwell narrates the film, which is directed by Adrian Moat. - Thanks, Steph

Adelaide Now: Kiwis demand to see quake damage - Thanks, Kris C

New poll just for fun to right

Want to try this one again? Blog: Which book would you pass along to future generations?

Russell on TV

May 28

New poll just for fun on news page

Want to try this one again? Blog: Which book would you pass along to future generations?

Russell on TV

May 27

Related - The Guardian -- Michael Mann set to steer racing thriller Go Like Hell -- Director of Public Enemies on course to bring legendary battle between Ford and Ferrari to the big screen

May 26

Thanks to Ellen and the Telegraph, a picture of Russell announcing the State of Origin deal - Correction, thanks to Cindy and Rebecca - "I just wanted to let you know that picture on the news page identified as being from the State of Origin games deal is not a recent pic. It was in the article, yes, but it was taken I believe in January when Russell announced Star City as a sponsor for the Bunnies." 

May 25

Reuters: Crowe plays starring role in taking NRL to United States -- Actor Russell Crowe has helped broker a deal to broadcast Australia's most fiercely contested rugby league series, the State of Origin, to the United States, the National Rugby League (NRL) said on Wednesday. - Thanks, Steph, Kris C

May 24

From Ellen: "I noticed that tonight (5/24) the TV Guide Channel is showing A Good Year.  Thought folks might want to check there local listings."

Related - Deadline Hollywood: Ahoy Matey: Fox Eyes Pirate Limited Series From Ridley And Tony Scott

NY Mag: Another related - (Jennifer Connolly) Salvation Boulevard Trailer: Pierce Brosnan Is the Anointed Servant of God [looks pretty funny]

Look to the stars -The world of celebrity giving - Russell Crowe's Charity Work, Events and Causes - Also Stars For Kids (for Christchurch)

The Courier: Clanranald Trust's Duncarron village project gets a big shout out from film star Russell Crowe - Thanks, Steph

"Come back to us" - from On A Clear Day (Lerner and Lane) ....listen to Peggy Lee

May 23

Related a couple of ways - NY Times - Too Big To Fail (HBO) - "...One way to create an atmosphere of crisis is simply to have your characters assert that it’s a crisis. In “Too Big to Fail,” directed by Curtis Hanson (“L.A. Confidential”), people are always saying things like, “If we don’t do this now, we won’t have an economy on Monday.”

May 22 - Happy Birthday, Joe Murphy Stars, fans pay tribute to Bill Hunter -- Russell Crowe thanked Hunter for the entertainment he provided over his long career that spanned more than 50 years. "Very sad to hear about Bill Hunter. Unique talent," he said. "I first met Bill in 1970 on the set of Spyforce. Thanks for the entertainment mate, RIP." - Thanks, Caliope

Rabbitohs lose to Warriors 12-6 - Thanks, CGee, Nicole

May 21

No new news from Russell - All we know is that at Twitter he talks about staying in a hotel - Where in the world!!!!!

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
@eileeninga I'm up early. I am not where you think i might be.

May 19

Flickering Myth: Michael Mann Retrospective - The Insider (1999) - Thanks, Judity

May 17

Related: Screen Daily: Scott will produce and direct Reykjavik

May 16

The Book Show: Off the Shelf: Brendan Fletcher -- "Brendan has won many awards for his music videos and has worked with many Australian artists such as Russell Crowe, Kev Carmody and Andrew Denton."

Of interest - Aussies in WW1 (The First World War digital archive - The University of Oxford)

The Herald Sun: Russell Crowe's hush-hush nosh with Ted Baillieu - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

From Gayle-Lynne: Craig Bierko who played Max Baer in “Cinderella Man”  –is in the cast of “ The Three Stooges “ movie which is going into production

DunCarron Medieval Fort: Russell Crowe and Clanranald Trust

May 15

Happy Birthday Danielle! May your year to come be full of happiness.

YouTube: Sentimental Lady - Bob Welch - A Beautiful Mind - Thanks, Steph

The Telegraph UK: Family's long exposure to Cannes Film Festival -- "But Gilles doesn’t think his father’s era was a golden age. “Yes, then you had Sophia Loren, you had Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. But Penélope Cruz is today’s Sophia Loren. Brad and Angelina are Burton and Taylor. Russell Crowe reminds me of Robert Mitchum.” - Thanks, Steph

May 14

RobinHoodSequel Robin Hood by ScottGrimes@ScottGrimes We're committed to getting a sequel to Robin Hood. Please follow us & retweet to spread the word to Universal.

The Stirling Observer UK: Crowe’s days as a star are far from numbered -- "...But if not being sucked in by the Hollywood BS, not suffering fools gladly, sticking up for himself, and retreating to his Aussie ranch to escape the intense spotlight constitutes being a male prima donna, then it’s a shame there’s not more of them. If you’re not his friend I don’t expect he’s the type to lose much sleep over you, but you probably wouldn’t want to cross him. But if you are his friend it appears you are treated to a big heart, a great sense of humour and a real down-to-earth quality that is all too often missing in the world of celebrity." - Thanks, Kris C

Souths win - 29-18 against the Tigers - Thanks, Russell, GCee, Nicole

The Independent: DVD: The Next Three Days (12)

Related: The Hollywood Reporter -- 'Spider-Man' Writer Boards Ridley Scott's 'Red Riding' (Exclusive) [ed note - please find a part for you, Russell. The Brit series was outstanding. You can watch it in Netflix streaming]

May 13 The bald truth behind magic, music and eggs -- What's this about Russell Crowe's impromptu sing-along? -- It was a night scene during the filming of Robin Hood in Farnham and about 40 of us including Russell Crowe were in a tent at 3am. Filming stopped for an hour and Russell got a guitar out and started singing Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston while Kevin Durand (Martin Keamy from Lost) was dancing along. It was quite surreal and the most odd situation I've ever been in my life. - Thanks, Steph

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
oh yeah, this time last year @alanthomasdoyle and @ScottGrimes and that big Thunder Bay lug ruled the Spanish at a time boys - YouTube link

May 12

From Dana (a.k.a. Fiddle): You may already know this, but fans with the "On Demand" feature on their cable tv service can access episodes of Oprah's "Behind the Scenes" show on the OWN network.  Episode 13 shows the filming of her trip to Australia and shows a little bit behind the scenes of her boat ride with Russell and Danielle in Sydney. Scroll to "Ahoy" -"..Turns out, they were crewing the HMS Surprise, temporarily renamed HMS Providence, for filming off the coast of San Pedro. The film’s ship captain, Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), plays a privateer sailing for King George II. Mr. Gibbs (Kevin McNally) was also on board." Thanks, Cindy

From TRC: May Crowe calendar now available

From Cindy: Russell's Durham U. story generated many blurbs, this one gets a cute cartoon. - Thanks, Kris C

May 11

From Celia: "russell was on at the very end of oprah today congratulating her on 25 years.  the show is repeated tonight.  in dallas it airs at 8 on a local channel.  people might want to check their local listings."

May 10

Auction for NZ (Scroll to New Zealand) - Thanks, Allison

From Deb F: Here's a link to a cute "3:10 to Yuma" (photoshopped) poster. (From the article "16 Films Improved With Food.")

May 9

YouTube - the best of Russell Crowe 3 - Thanks, Caliope

May 8

Top 5 Russell Crowe Lines: Rotten Tomatoes Show Thanks, Wendy

PhilStar: Related - Paul Bettany - Thanks, Kris C

A story on the Tribeca Film Festival showing of “A Beautiful Mind” - Includes a video - Thanks, Judy

The YouTube link in your posting of May 3 doesn't work.  The video has been removed. But I found a posting of the video at this link - Thanks, biolante

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
Haha Received formal invitation re Durham from @BillBryson , have to see if we can work out dates now.

There will be no new updates until Sunday evening. I will be away from my computer

May 6

Russell Crowe I don't know when @Rzawu film " The Man with the Iron Fists" comes out. He is editing it now. I'm only in a couple of scenes.

May 5

The Brisbane Times: Osborne lets fly at Crowe as Sandow takes the Eels' massive bait

May 4

From Ellen: In the May 9, 2011 issue of People Magazine, they have a Mother's Day Gift Guide, Sub-heading Books, CD & DVDs "Time to Chill with a good read, tune or movie." On the List of DVDs recommended they have listed with photo of the DVD Cover: The Next Three Days. ---"Happily married Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Bank's cozy life is obliterated after she's charged with murder, $16.49;

YouTube - Lynn and Bud - Thanks, Wendy

This Is Nottingham: New Robin Hood book unravels fact from fiction - Thanks, Caliope

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May 3

YouTube: Kristofferson and Russell Crowe (Chicago Soundstage) - Thanks, Sherezade

May 1

From Russell at Twitter: "5km's,nice little stroll,no dingoes but , 6' red belly black sunning itself.Always get an adrenaline rush from poisonous snake encounters"

Gladiator Stories - New URL - Thanks, Frank