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What actor would you most like to see star with Russell?

Daniel Day Lewis 77 (16%)
Jeff Bridges 80 (16%)
Robert De Niro 107 (22%)
Benecio Del Toro 18 (3%)
Kenneth Branagh 53 (11%)
Hugh Jackman 43 (9%)
Kevin Spacey 34 (7%)
Other 62 (13%)

474 Total votes


My choice is Ralph Fiennes

I'd vote for Sean Penn. Russell admires his work.

Sean Astin. Ever since I read Sean Astin say (in awe) that Russell said to him "Maybe we'll work together someday", I have been wishing it will come true. There is a quality of loyalty and steadfastness in Sean Astin (hence his casting in LOTR) that I believe Russell picked up on, and admires, as it mirrors himself. How wonderful it would be to see them play brothers in something! Or some other kind of closely bonded relationship. Sean is more down to earth, simple, uncomplicated, Russell is complicated, complex, but has a grounded quality as well. They could compliment each other very well.

Everyone knows Russell idolizes Robert DeNiro and who can blame him. The most talented actor of this generation and the most talented actor of the one before. How could that go wrong?

I would a really enjoy watching Edward Norton and Russell Crowe-they are both so mesmerizing. I'm really anxious to see the new film the 25th Hour

Anthony Hopkins

Bruce Willis

James Gandolfini. I think he is the best actor on televison and Russell Crowe is hands down the best actor on the big screen.

I think Sean Bean (Boromir in LOTR) would be an excellent choice. He too, is one of those actors who can say so much with one look and you know that there's a lot going on beneath the surface/

I prefer Robert De Niro and Anthony Hopkins. But Russell needs to change his hair look. Where is that handsome guy we've seen in Proof of life, A beautiful mind and our (Maltese)Gladiator.Hey, dear Sydney hairdresser are you listening? That's my opinion, maybe others dont' agree.

bruce willis

Daniel Craig. Brilliant in 'Our Friends in the North', also a great stage actor. It will be interesting to see what he makes of Ted Hughes for the BBC. I think he and Russell would strike sparks off one another.

John Cusack.

John Cusack. I think it will be very interesting to see them working together. But Russell needs to change his hair look, of course.

John Cusack

Robert DeNiro is my all time favorite actor; I would love to see these two geniuses play off each other

I would love to see my two heroes in one film, so I would have to say Mel Gibson.

Either Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellweger would be a great choice for Russell's next film. Enough male bonding for awhile! Russell is way overdue for a romantic, steamy sexy drama. I think that would be the smartest and best choice for his next film.

I think a great matchup would be Viggo Mortensen! Especially if they are both playing bad guys trying to outdo each other!

viggo mortensen

Edward Norton or Billy Bob Thornton - Could we stand the stardom in such a flick?

Sean Connery

I second Viggo Mortensen and for fun George Clooney.

Clive Owen would be a good choice. Possibly a modern spy thriller?

Tom Cruise, what a duo they would make!!!!!!

I'd also like to see him together with Sean Connery (a man who gets better and better)

I'd like him to be on screen with the best damned actor on the planet: Daniel Day Lewis.

Sean Connery

Ewen McGregor, please!

I vote for Edward Norton, too.

Irish Colin Ferrell - in powerful father/son roles?

Robert Redford Robert Redford Robert Redford


I would very much like to see Russell act with any actor or actress becuase I usually "see" him in any picture. I would love tosee him with De Niro, but also with Costner and Jack Nicolson. But what I would really like is to see Russell again with Sharon Stone doing "Basic Instinct two", can you imagine them? And Russell with Nicole Kidman and Renee Zelleger, who, I think, may act with him in "Cinderella Man".

After being reminded what Tom Hanks can do, from Catch Me If You Can, I'd love to see he and Russell do a 'buddy' flick - fast and funny!!

Russ should team up again with Jack Thompson. They had such great chemistry in The Sum of Us and I know they'd be great together again.

Tom Cruise, pictures taken of them both at football matches in OZ a few years back, they looked great together

english actor Ray Winstone

I would love to see Russell Crowe and Angelina Jolie do a film togather. I bet the sparks would fly!!! She would be a strong match for him on screen.

ADRIEN BRODY , Why . ? Go and see a new Polanski 's movie " The Pianist " ., it will blow you away ( Nelle ) .

Russell with Hugh Grant in some light comedy would be great. In fact, I'd just love to see Russell in a real comedy with just about anyone. Sandra Bullock or Elizabeth Hurley might be fun with RC.

For Russell's next costar - a WOMAN please! Renee, Nicole, Angelina, Catherine - anyone whose beautiful and sexy! For my sexiest man of the year, it's time for a passionate, romantic, sexy drama. And this time, please don't cut the love scenes.

I would love to see him together with english actor Sean Bean in a suspense thriller

I would love to see him work with Nicole Kidman!!! I hope they will some day...

As he already worked with Al Pacino, so now it would be Robert De Niro's turn.

I would like to see Russell work with my favorite little-known actor, Ioan Grufford. As far as female leads, it would be nice to have him team up with Nicole.

Oded Fehr! Yes, that hunka hunka hunk from Mummy I, II, and Duece Bigalow. And both Ruscles & Oded MUST sport long hair. And grizzled faces. Doing some kind of "swashbuckling-save-the-world-and-girl" movie.